World Press freedom Day

World Press freedom Day: Journalism is the weapon to expose the truth.

World Press freedom Day- Journalism is far beyond breaking news, it is the expression of what is right, based on concrete evidence, facts and freedom of thought. It is the voice to empower people of a nation or in distress towards the reality going on; it may be against or for. True empowerment remains on pure journalism and unrestricted thought process, extended without fear. 

Journalists all over the world have a heavy responsibility on their shoulders to bring the work of government and the voice of people together in a strand. The World Press freedom day is the day to empower, protect and outshine the work of journalists worldwide, embodied under Article 19 of freedom of expression.   

The International World Press freedom Day is commemorated all over the world for the contribution of journalists in every field and in every situation. Journalism is not just a perspective of an individual, but it carries a greater weight of speech of people nationally or globally. World Press freedom Day came into celebration as signified by the UN General Assembly and counseled by UNESCO’s General Conference that was organized in December.

The World Press freedom day too signifies the statement of principles leading to freedom of press by the African Newspaper, Windhoek Declaration. The anniversary of World Press freedom Day is celebrated every year the importance it carries about Pluralistic as well as unrestricted freedom of press to express thoughts fearlessly. The conference has been held globally which consists of authorities related to journalism like representatives of civil society, academics etc. since 1993. 

The conference conducted by Netherlands this year, is held to discuss and bring out possible solutions for various threats faced by journalists globally. Initially, it was scheduled on April 22 to 24, the emergency regarding the pandemic made it to reschedule on October 18 to 20. This year’s conference would be a collective celebration along with another prominent day for the press, held to end Impunity for Crimes done to Journalists globally.

UNESCO would also be initiating a global campaign regarding the theme of this year which is of a Journalism that is free from fear and without favor. This theme gives a powerful message to ponder upon the current situation of journalism. It conveys such journalism that is free to express without the fear of someone’s power or any other domination. 

Journalism is a pure tool of conveyance and not something to be sold on money or influence of dominating powers. The main theme has some more subtitles to convey about freedom, importance and protection of it. The subtitles show concern for journalists’ safety especially of women during expression of certain views or during investigation.

There have been lots of cases where their safety is vulnerable and concerned upon, that should be uprooted. The other subtitle conveys about the journalism unbiased and not under the influence or pressure of Political or other bodies. The last subtitle conveys that woman journalists should not be denied power, respect and value for work under any misogynistic reason. 

The World Press freedom day pays tribute to journalists that had lost their life to be fearless and while doing their duty. It also creates awareness of Article 19 passed in favor of expression of speech and protects fearless Journalism under it. Journalists are deserved for appreciation as they are covering news by venturing out for information to convey people with news during this deadly pandemic. 

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