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W for Woman has started a new movement, where they are encouraging the amazing women doing their bit for others during covid-19.

W for Woman had started a movement which has been witnessed with wonderful stories inspiring everyone. The W for Wonder woman focuses on stories of women that have been doing more than their duty calls during the time of covid-19 and serve humanity. The movement started by W for Woman has got an appealing support and has witnessed many of the appealing and inspiring stories of such wonder women.

About the movement of W for Wonder woman started by W for Woman:-

W for Woman had started an initiative for recognizing wonderful stories of women and posting it on their Instagram handle to appreciate them. W for Woman salutes these stories of women and wishes they inspire more people. Company through this initiative aims to bring face to face with women who are performing above and beyond the call of duty to serve humanity.

They had started this movement by encouraging people to share such stories of Wonder woman. It requires nominating one of such women and telling her story and the work she has been doing. The users further require putting the hashtag #WforWonderwoman in the comment section while company will share them on their official Instagram page.

About the stories shared by W for Woman under the movement of W for Wonder woman:-

W for Woman had shared around 12 stories of such women under the movement. The stories included, Dr. Sushila Kataria, who had volunteered for the speedy recovery for 14 Italians which were diagnosed with covid-19. W for Woman also mentioned Sameeksha Thakur for forming the Akshar Foundation for imparting education to underprivileged children.

The next in line is Anupama Jadwani, once a volunteer at Sanjay Gandhi Animal care Shelter in Delhi. She is volunteering at Zomato feeding to help the underprivileged section and became its city leader in Gurgaon. W for Woman next talks of Sakshi Kumar helping to teach underprivileged children and now providing food and ration to underprivileged.

Dr. Kiran Jha, a health practitioner in Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh has undertaken the responsibility of spreading awareness of the virus and distributing food. Company like these amazing women had shared many more inspirational stories of women under its movement W for Wonder woman.

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