National technology day

National Technology Day, a major breakthrough for India to gain its significance as a nuclear country.

The National Technology Day makes us recall and appreciate different achievements acquired by India as milestones. The day makes us aware about the part of Technology in our lives and Technological advancements by India. It creates a patriotic feeling in our minds for some great Indian contributors in Technological development. The National Technology Day marked […]

CarryMinati Youtuber TikTokers

Oh god!!! War between Youtubers and TikTokers, CarryMinati gave momentum to another clash.

Youtube and TikTok, two digital platforms have always been in a clash. Recently, such a clash was witnessed when CarryMinati’s video went viral which was like an answer to Amir Siddiqui’s TikTok video on Youtubers. About Ajey Nagar as CarryMinati:- CarryMinati has found his place as one of the popular YouTubers and is 20 years […]

madhya pradesh workers died

An uninvited death of 15 migrant workers who were heading to Madhya Pradesh occurred this morning.

There were 20 migrant workers who were heading to Madhya Pradesh and came under a heart-rendering train incident. The incident witnessed a death of 15 migrant workers and five survivors in an unstable state.  The place and time of the incident:- According to the police reports, it has been stated that the workers were heading […]


Pakistan – The recent update in the IMD has brought areas originally occupied by Pakistan as well as POK under its weather forecast.

The recent updating of IMD has brought Jammu and Kashmir under its regional weather forecast. There has also been an inclusion of Muzaffarabad and Gilgit-Baltistan under the weather forecast of IMD.  The North-western sub-division under the weather forecast:- There are nine divisions which come under the subdivision of the north-western division of India. It includes […]


Midnite joins with ESIC in a view to create ethical playing and betting in esports.

The esport betting startup which has been growing rapidly joined hands with ESIC. Midnite was the view with having esports and betting with full ethics and no cheating. Esports counter the question of ethics in the games just like any other sports games. This is also a biggest pillar for all the esports betting companies. […]

(BHEL) Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

BHEL making impatience to global companies offering a potential set-up thus giving momentum to ‘Make in India’.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited increasingly looks forward to new global tie-ups while capitalizing on US-China tensions. The partnership with Emkay Global has created a favorable situation for a potential set-up to attract more tie-ups. BHEL has taken full advantage of the recent covid-19 situation also keeping in mind the post covid 19 situation. The news […]