Earthquake in delhi

Twin earthquakes were witnessed in Rohtak, Haryana, while tremors of earthquake in Delhi, could be felt.

It was reported that twin earthquakes with a gap of 1 hour were witnessed in Rohtak while the tremors from the first earthquake in Delhi could be felt. The tremors of earthquake in Delhi as well as in other adjoining states were felt according to reports.  The first one with medium intensity and the adjoining one with lower intensity were witnessed. However, there have been no reports regarding the casualties after the earthquake that could be witnessed. 

The medium intensity earthquake in Rohtak, Haryana was witnessed while tremors of earthquake in Delhi could be felt:-

There was a 4.6 magnitude earthquake that was witnessed in Rohtak, Haryana on 29th May, on the Richter scale. This not only jolted the state, but also the tremors of earthquake in Delhi, as well as in Chandigarh and Punjab were felt. The earthquake that shook everyone was recorded at 9.08 p.m. hitting ESE Rohtak as stated by National Center of Seismology (NCS)

However, it was unusual for a quake with this intensity i.e. less than 5 in magnitude, to have its tremors in Delhi with this intensity as Delhi is located 60 km away. The earthquake had its epicenter in Rohtak, Haryana, while tremors of earthquake in Delhi could be felt in Faridabad, Gurugram and Greater Noida. 

The second earthquake adjoining the previous one at 10 p.m. towards the same location was witnessed. The magnitude was comparatively lower of about 2.9 which had been recorded on Richter scale but no casualties were recorded.

The reason behind the occurrence of the quake while the tremors of earthquake in Delhi could be felt:-

It has been reported that earthquakes with a lower intensity than of the magnitude of 5 were least likely to cause such damage except for weak structures. An NCS Seismologist, AP Pandey had even conveyed that due to convergence being observed among fault lines, the area has been active. 

There are ridges like Delhi-Sargodha, Delhi-Haridwar and the Mahendergarh-Dehradun fault. This had also led to earthquakes in the past as a consequence of the junction of faults. Seismologists have also stated about the usual occurrences of these earthquakes in Haryana as well as in Delhi. 

They also mentioned that the earthquakes have been felt with higher impact due to the covid situation. The reason being people have been staying in houses and there is no loud noise from traffic.

The tremors of earthquake in Delhi as well as on Twitter could be seen:-

The tremors of the earthquake in Delhi that were felt had created a new trend on Twitter while people were spilling out their creativity. There were memes also made of the ongoing covid situation where people need to stay indoors and due to earthquakes run outdoors.     

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