A great initiative taken by TNRWA for distributing immunity booster homeopathic medicines free.

The president of TNRWA, Advocate Nitin Nikam joining hands with volunteers came up with an initiative of this drive of distributing homeopathic immunity booster medicines. Your1stNews had taken the interview of its president for knowing more about this drive and other initiatives. 

Below mentioned audio is interview of president of Tilak Nagar Welfare Association

About TNRWA (Tilak Nagar Welfare Association):-

The TNRWA has been made by the people, of the people and for the people, according to the president, Nitin Nikam. The association has come together with the educated class and with the aim to provide help to the society. 

The association has been working with this objective that it owes something to society. The Non- Governmental Organization has been indulging in many such activities that lead to the betterment of the society and its residents along with the authorities. 

They have done notable work by identifying great personalities and joining hands with them into notable work like medical campaigns etc. 

The drive of distribution of immunity booster Homeopathic medicines:-

The president of TNRWA, Adv. Nitin Nikam, stated about the drive that it involved distribution of immunity booster Homeopathic medicines. These medicines were effectively made available to people at door step. The tablets were free of cost and prepared by another member named Dr. Prashant Tamboli. 

The doctor is also the head of the research department of the Government and a hospital, leaving no room for any forgery. Initially, the doctor was with a view to give tablets free of cost but later Adv. Nitin Nikam asked that association would also contribute. 

The president further stated they had made available Google forms in the groups to be filled by the interested. This had spared the majority of residents from lining up in queues and avail medicines at doorstep. The drive was in two phases, the first phase involved distribution to 2,000 families. 

Afterwards, they started another phase on demand of residents. The link was opened on last Saturday and the distribution is about to commence on 23rd and 24th May. The drive has been going on for the last 10 or 15 days according to the president. 

The president also stated that they are going to complete the distribution of medicines free of cost to 4,500 families.

About the working of drive:-

The president stated that the medicines that have been made available are properly packaged in an envelope with proper descriptions and prescriptions. TNRWA is facilitating this distribution of medicines through the dedicated volunteers, to residents or the representative of the building. They are even making the medicines reach residents in sealed buildings through a representative. 

The people without access to the internet or elderly not able to fill the form are taken care by mini forms or volunteers helping in filing or their numbers are noted. There are even measures taken to prevent hoarding of medicines. TNRWA is also spreading videos of the central Government and recommendations of various authorities for spreading awareness. 

The authenticity of the medicine is made as well as security personnel and Municipal Corporation of the area is given these medicines also. The drive has been concentrated only in the area, without any influence of Government or party, on recommendation from Kerala.

 It has been brought into effect with Dr. Prashant Tamboli and TNRWA along with its 10 groups.

Other activities conducted by TNRWA in the wake of covid-19:-

Nitin Nikam further stated that they had been productive as soon as the guidelines were issued and created awareness through various circulars. They even arranged vegetable markets in the compounds of each building directly from the farm, maintaining proper precautions. A special tempo of vegetables for each building was also arranged. This was an effective initiative and added to the convenience of the residents from avoiding going out. 

The association had further taken into account some distressed people including widows, unemployed etc. and gave free of cost ration by raising funds. These initiatives were taken as soon as the Government had alarmed about Lockdown and issued Guidelines.

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