The return of Mythology: Ramayan and Mahabharat

Amidst the lockdown owing to the corona pandemic and an overwhelming request from fans, DD National started re-telecasting the famous late 1980s shows Ramayan and Mahabharat which quickly went viral, garnering positive response from audience and critics alike.

Ramayan Mahabharat

Be it for Lord Rama’s benevolence, maid Manthara’s shrewd nature, queen Kaikeyi’s gullible mind, Sita mata’s sacrifice or Ravana’s crushing defeat marking the victory of good over evil, Ramayan has succeeded in leaving an indelible imprint in even the minds of commoners. In Mahabharat also
the despicable humiliation of Draupadi, the majesticity of the Pandavs, their renowned Kurukshetra battle with Kauravs, the treachery of Yuyutsu by shifting to the Pandava camp contribute towards its extravagant charm. These super hit shows have marked the return of spectators from digital platforms and web series’ to the oldest running T.V. channel DD National and garnered whopping trp’s.

Kids and teenagers who often tend to ignore our glorious golden days of yesteryear currently have the most insatiable curiosity for these illustrated shows making the age group have the maximum viewer count towards our celebrated mythology.


Indians have always been fans of ancient spiritual and religious shows corresponding to devotional and mythological themes. The very fact that whenever such dramas are televised, concerned channels are almost always guaranteed of enormous patrons coupled with the extended lockdown dates definitely makes for an enormous crowd. It makes us realise that our legends, our mythology, our past are not lost and are going to stay as long as time does.

India is a land of holy scriptures and spirituality with traditions, the liking for such shows tells us that even though we may be a diverse land with distinctive tastes and preferences but it is our rich heritage that unites us makes us retreat back to our culture and our convictions.
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