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The new PUBG update rolled out a wind of excitement in the players with its new features.

The new PUBG update 0.18.0 has been revealed now with the exciting Miramar map, improvement, new weapons and lots of exciting features. Jungle Adventure mode and Bluehole Mode would be coming up soon, which is another exciting news. 

The announcement and availability:-

Tencent games earlier today had an exciting announcement for the players and made it through their twitter handle. The updated version is rolling out live now for 0.18.0 for PUBG Mobile. It is rolling out in a particular phased manner from today and the developers stated that for the update the server might not need to go offline. It could be updated for Android as well as iOS and requires 1.97GB and 2.21GB for its update as free space.

The players updating the game before May 13 would get an additional benefit, free 888 BP, Lieutenant Parsec Backpack and radio. Royale Pass Season 13 would be made available from May 13 as well as Jungle Adventure mode and Bluehole Mode in Ashok would be updated soon. 

What’s in the store for the players?

The several new features consist of the new Mad Miramar season 13, weapon customization, accompanying new Evo ground game and classic modes. The latest patch notes that have been updated are nothing but the update of classical game mode with more to it like visual updates and elements, new to it. It includes a new race track of Sandstorm that runs through the whole map and vehicle for the Miramar map, vending machine and Golden Mirado. Players can get painkillers and drinks from the vending machine update and get lucky with 8 drinks.   

The new pubg update brings about a new main menu theme, soundtrack, Event rewards and Miramar achievements that players can win after its completion.  There is even an added feature to the map of Oasis located at the northern part of it and another feature ‘Urban Ruins’ which can now be found in the north western corner of the map. The new weapon introduced is even more exciting, the P90 weapon that can fire and hold 9mm rounds with a magazine capacity of 50 shots in the ‘Arena’ is added.  

‘Classic Mode’ has been added with a new attachment ‘Canted Sight’ made compatible with submachine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, some shotguns and light machine guns. The results screen has been given a new update along with it also. It has been presented with a new detailed results section where players can look for every weapon details along with match stats and compare it with others too.   

A security feature has been introduced too for cheaters through point protection matches. There are some big improvements and new features added to it furthermore also.

Jungle Adventure mode and Bluehole Mode in Sanok :-

The Bluehole mode would have two zones, inner and outer circle. The supplies in Classic Mode Erangel map can spawn 50 % supplies and revive teammates within 4 seconds. The new adventure mode shall include Jungle food, Totem and hot air balloon with new challenges. 

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