The mention of Y2K by PM Narendra Modi during the live speech dates back to the year 1999.

PM Modi in his live speech on Tuesday on the Lockdown 4.0 had mentioned Y2K as an example. The lesser known achievement of Y2K by Indian software engineers made India emerge as the IT country in the world.

About the Y2K Problem:-

The Y2K was a bug that was developed from a flaw in the computer in the year 1999. It was observed back in the 19th Century that the programs of computers developed in the 1960s and 80s only used the last two digits for changing years. For explaining it the example can be the year 1989 was written as 89 and when the year changed, it changed 90. 

This system prevailed to cater the costly process of storage of data, which took maximum space too. There was a wind of worry in 1999 as the next year marked the beginning of the new century that means the digit would be changed to 00. This was programmed for the year 1900 and instead of 2000, which would damage the record of information.

The other major problem related to the Y2K bug was that computer use might lead to vast devastation in banking and other business sectors. The solution programmers could come up with was to upgrade all systems. This upgrade involved restoring the year as a four digit number to be used instead of a two digit number. 

Countries’ response on the Y2K bug:-

The countries like USA and UK were observed to work globally in fixation of the problem. Governments like the Australian one had made an investment of Millions of Dollars for addressing the issue. Russia did not make any effort to issue thinking it won’t cause any major devastation.

 Among all the countries hitting their head, Indian economy and human resources got most of the benefits.

How did India come to help with this problem of Y2K?

The problem related to Y2K created a demand for a workforce in the USA to resolve it. This point of time, India, marked as slow technology wise, came up with the biggest supply of engineers. India was self-sufficient with the most potential of technology and talent with its great human resource. 

At that time various Indian IT companies were emerging and through this blossomed greatly in the IT sector. The human resource that became helpful during this major crisis of Y2K gave an identity to the nation as an IT country. There were many Indian cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad that were identified as IT hubs as they were providing best of services at minimum prices.

 This also increased the demand for Indian engineers worldwide for best services at comparatively lower rates. 

Why PM Narendra Modi did use Y2K crisis in his live speech?-

The art of speech that PM Modi addressed the Y2K crisis was focused on self-reliance and Vasudev Kutumbakam. PM Narendra Modi expressed his views on self-reliance being defined as self-centered but it’s different for India. He expressed that according to self-reliance, the Indian culture means progress along with other countries in the world.

 He expressed that the world as a whole is one family and the way India came for help during the Y2K crisis, it would happen this time too. He expressed that similar to Y2K crisis in the covid-19 crisis India will fight the virus along with other countries too.  

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