The Matka game slowly revives in Goa after the cash flow increases.

The Matka dens slowly open up and the betters return to the business again. However due to a long period of close down, It has started fresh from Monday.

What is the Matka game? (The matka game of gambling in Goa):-

The Matka game has been transmitted to India from the lottery form practiced in New York Cotton Exchange. It was before practiced in New York on closing and opening rates of cotton. In India its origination timed even before the Independence era and was practiced as Ankada Jugar. It then got modifications over the years and got its name from Hindi earthen pot name Matka. 

The system involved many other ways that were done to generate random numbers. It further consisted of pulling slips out having those numbers under a large earthenware pot, and it also consisted of playing cards. India has witnessed three kings of this game, Kalyanji Bhagat, Suresh Bhagat and Rattan Khatri. Ratan Khatri flourished his business and extended it countrywide by passing the winning number across the country using telephones. 

One of the Kings, Rattan Khatri recently died with a booming Matka business and running it overseas too. Rattan Khatri died at 88 years of age, deciding the fate of many punters in the early 60s to mid-90s. Rattan Khatri was known to develop the this game from just pulling out slips from the pots. Rattan Khatri is known to be not easily arrested but once got and earned crores out of this game.

Impact of lockdown on the Goa Matka:-

The Goa Matka was on a stand still on the declaration of curfew by PM Narendra Modi. The bookies have stated that the Matka operations involved cash payments. The lockdown added more rules of restricting movement, so the books were unable to go outdoors for placing bets and nor through online or by phone calls. The reason being the payment of game for the winning is largely by cash, so Matka was stopped in Goa for a brief period. 

It was then witnessed familiar faces trying their luck on Matka were doing unfamiliar jobs. The bookies to run their livelihood started becoming vendors and the people used to approachthis game after seeing them. Though they used to get reality checks when seeing them selling eggs, fruits and vegetables. Different bookies also stated that they are at least making some money now and these jobs are far better than this game. 

They also stated that Matka is illegal in India and many came out to do investigations to stop it but it never stopped. The lockdown has that strength that all the youths stopped playing matka at least for some time. 

The recent updates on Goa Matka:-

It has been reported after a long period of seven weeks in lock down; the game has started reviving again. It was reported to develop just the day after the death of the Rattan Khatri, the Matka King. It was reported that the bets have been started to be accepted by bookies on numbers acting as dividends of 1:90. The betting ranges from getting Rs 90 for every Rs1 if prediction of any of the 100 numbers is done correctly. 

It has also been observed that the hustle and bustle of the game is not as same as before lock down. The main thing in this business is cash in hand and the recent relaxations enabling cash flow has given momentum to it and also money is transferred to Mumbai. The unexpected halt on the game has been lifted as two major game markets, Main Ratan and Kalyan, have started operating. 

The websites involved in betting have resumed and winning numbers have been displayed. The Colva Police is unaware of this resumption; however the game now seems to start freshly unlike before.  

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