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The largest online meditation festival with more than 8500 people participating in it.

The Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian organization based on volunteers. The organization has been active during covid-19 and rendering humanitarian services as well as imparting knowledge for mental peace. The organization has been a part of many projects in India too. 

The centre has their centres imparting humanitarian services in 156 countries and founded by Ravi Shankar. Art of living had recently conducted a festival which was online based on meditation and witnessed unexpectedly higher participation of people.

About the online meditation conducted by Art of living:-

The online meditation festival’s announcement was made on 24th April itself and was dated from 13th to 16th May. The festival was with the aim of spreading happiness and mental please and had the motto Happiness ki home delivery. The festival was conducted by Ravi Shankar, Swami Suryapadaji, Virat Chirania and Hemant Upadhyay. 

The online meditation festival was brought forward by the hashtag #SpreadJoyNotVirus. The registration was done on the basis of 4 batches which went on the whole day from 7 to 10 and each was of one and half hour. The batches were held in English, Hindi and Kannada languages too. The whole festival from 13th May to 16th May was covered that spoke about its immense success. 

The festival that was conducted saw a surprising participation of more than 8500 people. The festival had involved more than 500 volunteers to make it a success. The festival has created a wave of positivity with the participants just sharing their spiritual experiences. 

The organization had even recorded more than 100 Intro talks, more than 1000 hours of online service meetings and 20 focused teams during the 20 days. 

The support and sharing of experiences seen on Twitter:-

Virat Chirania had tweeted the poster with 8500+ participants and it had become trending and the hashtag #8500happysouls also came in the list of trending. There were many people all over Twitter that had joined the festival who were sharing their spiritual experiences and retweeting. 

Amongst the tweets, there was a video shared by actor Manoj Joshi who expressed his appreciation over the festival. Virat Chiranya had even shared his behind the scenes hard work that they had done for connecting more than 8500 people. 

He retweeted that it was 4 days, 32 hours and 4 parallel consoles in each session from Anshit Bansal. He stated that it was surely a hard work of syncing multiple zoom accounts and staying on toes all the time.   

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