Riyaz Naikoo

Encounter of Top Hizbul commander Riyaz Naikoo was another success for Indian army.

Naiko infamous for terror spreading tactics as a new generation terrorist was on a hit list in the valley. The terrorist had been escaping until Wednesday, marked as a glorious victory and a moment of pride for the Indian army. 

About Riyaz Naikoo:-

Riyaz Naikoo had a normal life just like any civilian but then climbed the wrong direction of coming forward as a top Hizbul commander. He was born to a farmer and had completed his degree from a government degree college in Pulwama district. He had taken up the math private teacher’s job some kilometers away in Hanfia Model Public School.

 This was the time period when Riyaz Naikoo started helping the Hizbul when Riyaz Naikoo transitioned to militancy had appeared during detention done by security forces while there was unrest in 2010. He came forward as a changed man until two years after his release as reported. After some time he went missing from his home until he returned on Tuesday, on the day of the encounter. 

The next four years witnessed his climb over the hierarchy of Hizbul while gaining attention of the boss of Hizbul in Pakistan Syed Salahuddin The killing of Zakir Musa took over the Hizbul in Kashmir leading to differences in leadership in Pakistan. He stayed on the right side of Syed Salahuddin becoming the chief of Hizbul in Kashmir. Hizbul has been seen as the place where most terror is born.

The terror activities he conducted:- 

It has been reported that he was a part in the killing of the father of sarpanch Haji Ghulam Mohd Dar in March 2014, Bhatpora Tokena bus firing, death of Ghulam Mohi-Ud-din Dar, Javaid Akbar Khanday murder and head constable Ashiq Hussain Mir murder. The list continues with Constable Naseer Ahmad abduction, ex-MLA Wachi from residence, 9 firearms looting, six migrant laborers in Kulgam killing, truck drivers and fruit traders killing. 

It further includes threatening jail staffers, made the use of social media to create aggressive terror audio and video clips to disturb the minds of youth and make them chose terrorism. He has his hands red on the killing of several security personnel and civilians. He raised funds too by looting from orchard owners and illicit opium cultivation. He had involvement in the Narco trade and Lashkar-e-Taiba’s Naveed Jutt freeing him from custody.

The successful encounter :-

Naikoo was considered as an A++ terrorist and had 12 lakhs reward on his head, who had escaped encounters many times. However on Tuesday, the anti-militancy unit Special Operations Group of Kashmir brought forward information that he was going to meet his family and relatives. They had a rough idea where he would stay and were successful in pointing it at Awantipora’s Gulzarpora Beighpora village.

The dark hour of Tuesday had the village surrounded by 21 Rashtriya Rifles and a large contingent of Jammu and Kashmir police. They stayed throughout the night eagerly waiting for dawn and started the gun battle as soon as it was dawn. The end of the fierce firing found he was hidden in a bunker and his associates were headshot. He and his associates were killed, along with that there were three other operations successfully conducted to kill other terrorists. The encounters consisted, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the Jammu & Kashmir Police’s Special Operations Group (SOG) and the 55 Rashtriya Rifles

After the encounter:-

The mobile services and internet were suspended soon after the encounter to prevent an outrage on a message of his death circulated and his body too was buried elsewhere. The reason being the encounter of Wani had witnessed a mob agitating leading to deaths. There was stone pelting seen by youth after his death though leading to injury of civilians.   

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