Black lives matters

The black lives matter campaign gets a momentum by brands as the age-old suppression of black lives gets unearthed.

The world is now witnessing new voices risingwith black lives matter campaign for protests against racism with the killing of George Floyd. There are protests held on roads, social media and now brands are also holding a stand for it. The situation previously was more entitled towards having a neutral stand because brands had equal customers of either of the races. 

However, as the protests intensify more brands are being seen doing their part. There is one more development seen that the icons of various brands that have changed are the same as the original ones in India. There have been protests like Black out Tuesday in India however there are various facts to be highlighted with regards to some Indian brands not taking a stand for one part.

All you need to know about the black lives matter campaign and why it has been voiced by different popular brands:-

The Black lives campaign has been voiced by different popular brands which had observed silence before. There are various donations given in support of the protest and to NAACP. They have also been vocal for supporting different black groups and changed their icon and twitter handle to black lives matter. 

These brands that have voiced for black people have been behind this campaign for some reasons. The foremost is the company has become vocal for this campaign because of the customers. The next reason can be for their employees as each company consists of black and white employees which have been participating in the protests too.

 The company has also started the campaign as they consider their development at a peak because of the black people too working in their company. There was a campaign also seen after another video of George Floyd calling out “He can’t breathe” also surfaced. 

The brands which have supported the black lives matter campaign:-

The spark that rose into a wild fire after the killing of George Floyd had seen its flames in many popular brands like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Etc. Some of the others include HBO, Warner Bros, Hulu, Twitch, Amazon, Paramount and the list has now become endless. 

There are even many brands belonging to beauty like, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Biossance, Cocokind, Glossier etc. There are some sport brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, etc. These all brands companies and brands have posted Tweets, donated to protests or organizations supporting black people, and changed their icon or many other ways.

The Black Lives Matter campaign in India:-

The protests for black people and to end the racism in India too have been protests. The social media in India was seen with users and notable celebrities observing blackout Tuesday. However some Indian brands have not taken a one sided stand, it might be for many areas of concern and reasons.

There has also been observance of new icons not updated on Twitter, YouTube, etc. in India. India has been a diverse nation and the reason being the brands have been afraid of taking a one sided stand. The Indian brands are seen more specifically for extending social messages than issues, fearing from backlashes from customers.       

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