bhopal gas leak

The Bhopal Gas leak victims live with a fear of covid-19 death now.

The worst industrial disaster that had taken the lives of many and around 5.5 lakh victims are living with complications. It has come forward as many of the deaths in Bhopal are coming from the community of Bhopal gas leak victims.

About the Gas Tragedy:-

Bhopal Gas has been noted as the worst industrial disaster happened in Indian history on December 2, 1984, midnight. This happened when methyl isocyanate (MIC), which is a very fatal chemical known to be spilled from Union Carbide India Ltd. ‘s (UCIL’s) pesticide factory. This incident turned the entire city into a gas chamber, with lots of people directly or indirectly dying from the disease.

The chemical had left the surrounding environment unfit for humans too. The survivors had even more greater effects, and were sentenced to live with weak immunity and even more disorders. The condition deterioration in the victims showed cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney ailments, and hypertension and damaged lungs. It has also affected the children born in that area and to the victims with lifetime complications.

The pattern came into light:-

The number of deaths started to increase in number and when they were screened they came out to be Bhopal Gas leak victims. This type of pattern and the data was released by Bhopal Group for Information and Action (BGIA). The most of the deceased victims were reported to be residing four kilometers away from the affected victim. 

The data collected reported that four of them died could not even reach the hospital and eight of them reached the hospital but we’re dead within 8 hours of their admission. This has raised the death toll to 16 out of which 15 were the Bhopal Gas leak victims and 571 cases in Bhopal so far have been registered. The other five after fighting for survival and getting the treatment lasted for 48 hours only.   

Work by voluntary organization and mismanagement of Government:- 

It was reported that voluntary organizations had started their work and were alarmed for the possible danger far before the first death was reported. Four activist groups running for the Bhopal gas leak victims prominently had written a letter of concern to the Union Health Ministry. A facility exclusively for the treatment of victims was converted into covid-19 facility on March 22 by Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre (BMHRC).  

The adjoining weeks there was no patient of covid-19 in the facility but there were grievances from the victims for treatment. They denied admitting them as they were not instructed and did not carry the treatment of any gas leak victim patient. Survivor Praveen Kumar Malviya even had approached Times of India for having respiratory problems and was concerned for his vulnerability to covid-19.

 The mismanagement on the part of the government of BMHRC resulted in three deaths and loss of resources. After recurring efforts in filing lawsuits in the Madhya Pradesh High court, the government reversed their decision. The Bhopal gas leak victims now after great efforts come under the special vulnerability category. 

The meeting of officials conducted on May1:-

Bhopal collector Tarun Pithode, last Friday held a meeting of officials to talk about the issue. The meeting made the decision of formulating a plan and asked BMHRC and NIREH to share a list of victims and a hospital specially for reviewing their condition would be set up. They even wrote a letter to the CM, health minister and bureaucrats pointing to the count of victims fighting the battle because of various complications with exposure to gas. The letter also cited many other medical reports which have been included in a long list in the letter. 

There have also been 21 health centers for screening of tragedy victims set up after the count of deaths increased in Bhopal.

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