Vande Bharat Mission Phase 3

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 3 -Air India website, got promising results though, the site had reported many problems.

The Vande Bharat Mission, through Air India has been successful in bringing more than 1.07 lakh people across many countries back to the country. Air India in the Vande Bharat Mission Phase 3 had commenced the bookings on 5th June from 5 p.m. onwards for 7 countries which would be done by 300 flights. 

The flights are expected to fly between the time period of June 10 and July for countries like the UK, USA, and Australia etc. Air India by 7 p.m. within 2 hours of commencement of booking stated that they had got overwhelming response. However, the site was also reported to have many issues and technical problems, witnessed by the people in Vande Bharat Mission Phase 3.

About the Air India Vande Bharat Mission Phase 3:-

Air India had announced the commencement of bookings on June 5 for Vande Bharat Mission Phase 3 from 5 p.m. for 7 countries consisting of the UK, USA, Australia etc. The bookings had commenced for 300 flights planned to commence between the time period of June 10 and July 1.     

The overwhelming response witnessed by Air India for Vande Bharat Mission Phase 3:-

Air India within 2 hours of commencement of bookings had stated to get a response above expectations. The Tweet came at 8.20 p.m. where Air India stated that their website got a 60 Million by 7 p.m. expressing the overwhelming response received. 

Air India had further stated that there was a sale of 1700 seats along with it within a short time period of 2 hours. Air India had also mentioned the bookings to continue and for people facing an official of Air India had also stated that there would be more flights. 

 The tweet by Air India got many replies in the form of complaints that poured on Twitter as they faced technical issues while booking the flights.

The criticism received for the site of Air India:-

Some of the replies read that there was a problem in booking as the site had crashed and the person was not able to book past one hour. There were similar complaints as well as regarding the slow functioning of the website. 

One of the replies also read that targeted in India and stated that the page to page navigation for the website is slow and responded that this is not a 2G time. Some other replies read the person had made payment, however not received the ticket.

One of the replies also read that Air India should have kept two websites for booking for a country like India. There was another comment reading out there were only 1700 tickets sold in 2 hours after such high demand responding to the slow processing by the website.    

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