sundar pichai in virtual ceremonysundar pichai in virtual ceremony

Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO had delivered a commencement speech in the virtual ceremony for 2020 graduates.

The Google and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai had given an inspiring speech on the virtual ceremony held for 2020 graduates which he had recorded on May 22, 2020. Sundar Pichai had mentioned in his speech about his life struggles and gave them a piece of his advice to excel in the coming years. Sundar Pichai had also mentioned the situation created by global pandemic having an impact on the “Class of 2020” in virtual ceremony.

About the virtual ceremony and the speech by Sundar Pichai which was recorded on May 22, 2020 by him:-

There was a virtual ceremony hosted by Youtube known as the Dear Class of 2020 on Sunday. This virtual ceremony had also included the presence of former President Barack Obama as well as his wife Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and BTS. 

Sundar Pichai was seen discussing his life struggles and gave his piece of his advice. Sundar Pichai in astonishment had stated that he had never thought that he shall give a speech from his backyard with no live audience which was recorded on May 22, 2020. 

Key highlights of the speech given by Sundar Pichai, recorded on May 22, 2020, for the virtual ceremony:-

Sundar while addressing the class of 2020 stated this situation would not be expected by the graduates as it’s finally the time to celebrate for all their efforts and knowledge. Sundar Pichai moved forward, while mentioning their state of mind and stated that “You will prevail.”

The reason behind this phrase as his advice was further mentioned by the examples he gave. Sundar Pichai mentioned about the events in history like the class of 1920, 100 years ago had also graduated during the end of a pandemic.

He further included the class of 1970, 50 years ago who had graduated amidst the Vietnam War and class of 2001, graduated and months after 9/11. He had advised to be hopeful as these examples mentioned in the history had to overcome new challenges, while they prevailed. 

He had also stated the new trend of underestimating the following generation. He stated that the one generation’s progress further becomes the premise of foundation for the generation that is next. 

He had also conveyed that there are many things making the graduates impatient, so regarding it he conveyed not to lose it as it shall create progress much needed by the world. 

Sundar Pichai on the struggles experienced in his life:-

Sundar Pichai while addressing the class of 2020 also mentioned about his various life struggles that he had gone through. He had stated that back then he did not have access to technology and got access to telephone until he was 10 years old. 

He also mentioned getting access to a computer until he came for his graduate school to America. Sundar Pichai also stated until he got access to television was only with one channel. The reason being he stated to imagine how much awe struck he shall be, for talking on a platform with millions of channels. 

Sundar Pichai had also mentioned about the situation of his family back then while stating his father spent a salary equal to a year for his plane ticket. He had conveyed that America was expensive for him back then with a phone call per minute for $2 to his home in India and a backpack equalizing his father’s salary of a month. 

Sundar Pichai had further mentioned about the technological situation back then and about his shift of career choice to Google. He had advised that a deep passion for technology and open mind has now brought him here in front of them as Google CEO.  

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