Sudden disappearance of dictator: Kim Jong Un

The sudden disappearance of Kim Jong Un, gained attention on the day of his grandfather’s birth on 15th April

Tracing back the lineage of the Kim Dynasty, it had been ruling North Korea since 1948. Kim Jong Un is known for harsh decisions, rigid rule and secrecy in North Korea. Kim was absent since two months, but this fact got attention on 15th April. North Korea’s most celebrated and important event is the birth of his grandfather, who is worshipped as a God.


This year, his absence at the Kumsusan Palace and undisclosed information about the nuclear tests that are usually conducted around such important occasions gained global attention. The rumours intensified on April 20 Monday, when a South Korean News Outlet published a news report of his heart surgery which was initially cited for multiple sources, later corrected to be a single source. Events turned when Reuters an international news service and CNN picked up the news story.

CNN published a story that Kim was in grave danger on the basis of an unnamed US official later updating that US has reports of Kim’s Health and were keeping a close track about his health. It was seen aftermath of these headlines that fuelled a wildfire of rumours and questions from various news sites. It is not for the first time that Kim had disappeared such type of incident was seen in the year 2014.He had been disappeared for five weeks and missed one of the important occasion of North Korea, celebrating the founding of the ruling party. News came out that he had suffered from gout.

Health history of kim jong

While taking a look at his health, he has a family history of heart diseases and diabetes.  He is known to puff out four packs of coffin sticks in a day. His weight is known to be 300 pounds as per the height of 5 feet and 6 inches indicating high body mass index, coming from his love for cheese and wine. In 2012, it was also reported due to his weight he had developed a cyst on his ankle. Reuter’s later reported of a team of Chinese medical experts travelled to North Korea, citing three sources although couldn’t determine about his health. The controlled media of North Korea is silent about his health. President Donald Trump acknowledged having no health reports on Tuesday.
The uncontrolled North Korean citizen’s panic buying due to coronavirus signing trouble and US surveillance planes are flying over North Korea to gain information.  The possibility of his death would create political instability as his children are too young to rule and benefitting other countries like USA and South Korea. The spotlight has shone towards his sister Kim Yo Jong to be a possible successor but the Kim dynasty has not seen a female representative. If Kim is well, than it means a lot of things or his next move. 
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