Ways to Stay Connected, Productive and Healthy at Home with Honor devices.

The urgency of the pandemic and Government’s guidelines the people are advised to maintain proper distancing and stay indoors. While the lockdown can drown down to boredom it can also be converted into a greater opportunity by planning effectively. Here are some ways for making your quarantine experience better and Honor devices to come into handy.

Quarantine, an opportunity for upgrading your fitness:-

Quarantine making an individual locked indoors leaves zero space for physical activities, so one should start an online fitness class. The HONOR Magic Watch 2 can be a best device for performance during lockdown as well as giving effective recommendations.

 It is also well equipped with SpO2 function that records your Blood Oxygen levels, while helping you to keep track of how your body adapts during the workout. The HONOR Magic Watch 2 also comes with a range of indoor activities and with an effective voiceover. 

The HONOR Magic Earbuds can even meet essential music during work out with its impressive Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Technology.

Try making your work space effective even during work from home:-

The ultimate tip for maintaining a proper work space is in a place which is away from any distractions. It should also consist of a proper window, not too fancy set up but at least a large table and desk. A proper to-do list and proper planning would make work productivity more effective. 

If you’re like a busy bee and multi-tasking between various things and working on multiple monitors MagicBook Series is perfect. It is also equipped with HONOR Magic-Link 2.0 allowing various tasks possible. 

Maintaining a perfect social life is very important:-

Cabin fever is a real thing and one can feel isolated if not socialized, especially while being alone during the lockdown. So even amidst work one should try taking out time for family, friends and co-workers. It could be a dinner together or anything virtually on video calls HONOR MagicBook 14 with a pop-up camera hidden at the keyboard can be effective. 

HONOR 9X also comes with various features like flawless 16MP front-facing pop-up camera, FullView display of 6.26″ 2340p x 1080p. These all come together for a perfect video-calling experience along with HONOR Magic Earbuds for hands-free experience and noise cancelling technology. 

Take proper breaks and perfect rest:-

Working for longer hours can be tempting but there should be some work-life balance. You should also get up for a refreshing drink of water or a stretch. Along with work, one should get proper sleep, exercise and in between naps. HONOR MagicBook 14 provides with a best cinematic experience HONOR 9X PRO for gaming experience. 

HONOR MagicWatch 2 provides reports for your sleep along with suggestions and gives notifications for any increase in stress level. 

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