Sonnalli Seygall

Sonnalli Seygall starts her own Youtube channel amidst the lockdown.

Sonnalli Seygall made an amazing announcement when her Instagram account received 1 million subscribers about her Youtube channel. Sonnalli Seygall, seen in many other videos performing yoga fabulously, has started her own channel and posted a video of her performing Yoga.

About the announcement by Sonnalli Seygall about her first Youtube channel:-

Sonnalli Seygall had shared about her new Youtube channel through a video message when her Instagram account hit 1 million followers. She had conveyed in the video about the importance of mental health and workout during the lockdown. She explained the importance of yoga for good fitness and talked about her Youtube channel and her first video. 

She mentioned that for giving tips on maintaining a good fitness routine she has come with her own channel. She is also going to explain various yoga stretches in her new series of videos and her first video. The yoga stretches are simple and beneficial amidst the lockdown. 

She had also got lots of love and appreciation from her followers for receiving 1 million followers and about her first Youtube channel.

About the channel started by Sonnalli Seygall and her first video:-

Sonnalli Seygall had posted her first video on her Youtube channel named as “A new beginning! Yoga with Sonnalli.” She is looking all gorgeous in her outfit and very graciously shows various basic yoga stretches. She is seen showing various asanas of yoga like the Hastapadasana, Virabhadrasana 1, Ashtanga Namaskar, Bhujangasana, Parvatasana, Utkhat Aasan, Chamatkar asana etc. 

She is seen in the video doing each asana very slowly and calmly so that the viewer’s get an idea about how to perform them. The whole series of the asana gives benefits of a whole routine of Yoga as a must need to be performed. She is also seen in the video giving explanations in English with the name of the asana as the subtitle. 

The actress is also seen previously in many other Youtube videos for explaining yoga poses but this is her first Youtube video. She was also seen in the Youtube videos of Blush channel and the way she performs different Yoga poses is just perfect. 

The actress encloses the video by telling the drill of every Youtuber, to like, share and subscribe. The 4 minute long video meets major yoga routine goals during the lockdown. Sonnalli Seygall has also made confirmation and announcement to post another similar fun video too.       

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