Sonam Wangchuk

Sonam Wangchuk explains various insights over the raging tension between countries India and China.

Sonam Wangchuk, the person behind the inspiration of the famous character in the evergreen movie, took to the internet to share some insights. He had shared his views through Twitter along with giving a patriotic motto which has become like a mantra for every Indian against China. 

Sonam Wangchuk shared some of his insights on India and China tensions:-

Sonam Wangchuk had taken to twitter with a video and a catchy phrase creating patriotism among Indians for banning Chinese products. Sonam Wangchuk is an Indian engineer, Academic reformist, innovator and Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement’s founder director of Ladakh. 

He had also appeared in an exclusive interview on Republic TV, sharing some of his insights along with Twitter. He was seen in the video near India-China border at Satluj River with the Himalayas and explained the tense situation behind those mountains. Here are some insights that could be seen in Twitter video and an interview. 

Main aim of the message conveyed by Sonam Wangchuk:-

Sonam Wangchuk through his insights wants to convey to the Indian people that the rising tensions should not only be considered as a responsibility of soldiers. He unraveled the big truth that indirectly it is the responsibility of citizens too as the same profits from India to China are making bullets against our soldiers. 

He urged Indians to stop the monopoly or sale of Made in China products which will put pressure on Chinese wallet. The reason being with respect to bullets they are equipped but the pressure on China’s wallet shall create greater tension in the country with regards to the economy.

 He even made a very catchy and unique motto in Hindi conveying that Indian Army shall give answers to China with bullets and Indian Citizens with wallets.

Boycotting Made in China software and hardware in India, message from Sonam Wangchuk:-

Sonam Wangchuk while giving an example of Tik Tok urged for boycotting software from China and then approached hardware. He conveyed to boycott all products from hardware to clothes within a week along with software, which would be a signal from India. 

This would further motivate other countries too along with it. He gave the main reason behind the use of Chinese products. He conveyed that an Indian handcrafted shoe is better than five cheap Chinese shoes and makes the correct choice for the country’s future.

 While asking to boycott products, he conveyed that he is also going to follow the same thing and give up his Chinese made phone in a week. 

Sonam Wangchuk’s message over Chinese internal crisis:-

Sonam Wangchuk while explaining India’s wallet power said that more than anything China fears its crisi that is happening internally. China fears from its 140 crore people being treated in the country like bonded laborers as they are angry. This has further led to consequences like shutting of factories, exports and rising unemployment.

 The effect of 130 crore Indians boycotting these products made in China Would surely be worldwide.  

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