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Social issues in India: a rift created between developing and developed India.

There are many Social issues in India and unheard voices, while India is scaling new heights of development. However, ever wondered, the main obstacles coming in the way? As even after several efforts India faces drawbacks.

The reason is development is seen as a large and a macro term, while micro concepts are left unseen. These small concepts of ridge between rich and poor corruption and different kinds of violence act as termites for the nation. 

At such a moment, India has to drive development along with everyone and just not focus on one thing. The reason being a developed country without solving Social issues in India without a developed system and population would not fetch for a long time. Some of the major Social issues in India are something that takes place everyday but our blinded eyes fail to recognize it. That’s where Mahatma Gandhi’s quote comes into light, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”.

Major Social issues in India

  • Curse of Poverty
  • Termite of corruption
  • Backstabbing by Terrorism
  • Communalism an internal enemy
  • Illiteracy is spreading like a virus
  • Inflation putting brakes on economy
  • Violence against women.

The curse of Poverty:-


This is one of the major Social issues in India. India has one of the world’s largest slum pockets and more deficiency in getting education. Poverty has become a termite in development as it is the major root cause of all crimes happening in the country. India comes second in the parameters of population that indicates we have abundance of workforce. 

The bigger question comes on its quality as poverty is deteriorating the skills and ability of masses. According to the 2013 estimation, by Indian Planning Commission 269 million people i.e. 22% of population lives under the poverty line. This situation has created urgency and the Government needs to recognize it and make policies for it. 

Along with that, this population needs to be given education to save other generations as well as work. More than that their mindset should be changed and every citizen at an individual level should do something.

The termite of corruption:-


This type of social issues in india had became trend nowadays. Corruption is slowly eating our country like a termite. India being a democratic nation has a well-structured system with a number of ministers and others in power. This Social issue in India takes place the because system carries the corruption from the higher level through different levels and finally at the ground level, the common man is left with meager amounts. 

There are many Swiss bank accounts which go unnoticed and are cleaned by anonymous after their death. Scams like the Colgate and 2 G scam or the cases like the one of Vijay Malya, have pictured the wheels of economy. Parties change, people in power change and the same process is repeated. 

People on an individual level too have to change and teach the next generation to stop taking and giving under the table bribes. 

Backstabbing by Terrorism:-


Terrorism can be defined as extreme feelings for a particular religion or a faith. Countries worldwide have been suffering through it however, India’s sufferance dates back since its partition. One of the hideous attacks that took place was 26/11 and the Uri attack and there are many more in the list. 

The external terrorism could be seen but the network of sleeper cells consisting of internal terrorism is even more difficult. The Government has been doing peace talks and surgical attacks but still it has not met an end. 

Communalism an internal enemy:-


India, a combination of rich culture and tradition, is also home to 1,028,610,328 communities. The figures are surprising and even more challenging is to maintain peace and harmony. The riots involve clashes of two communities, like the recent ones inflicted from Babri masjid demolition. 

They have moved the pillars of India and led to its drawback. There should be strict actions against political parties provoking riots as they are their vote banks. The education of peace and harmony should be nurtured in the younger ones too at a root level. 

Illiteracy is spreading like a virus:-


The literacy rate in India according to the 2011 census has increased but consideration to illiteracy should be the concern of the hour it is also one of the big social issues in india. The reason being, more than yesterday’s achievement, India has to highlight its importance globally and need to be marked as a developed country. State-wise Kerala boasts 93.91% but more focus should be on states like Bihar with 68.8% literacy rate. 

This shall give momentum to a development that is all round. The biggest weapon right now is education that shall make India win any battle and a stronger workforce. There should be awareness and education drives made by the government. 

However, at the citizen’s level one can join hands with NGOs or start an initiative of imparting education and become knowledge lamps at least for a few. Education should not be considered a privilege but a right given to everyone no matter the criteria.     

Inflation putting brakes on economy:-


The rising rates of basic amenities and deficiency of availing them on monetary grounds by the masses has raised major concerns. Inflation causes an obstacle in free flow of cash in the economy leading to distress among the country’s people and root cause of all economic problems. The question is about the reasons, which mainly consists of scams, more import in comparison to export, more money put in work for welfare of people, pandemics and riots.

 The country can run effectively only if the wheels of the economy are stronger, and this is the main reason to cause an economic divide. The prominent experiences come from the economic crisis that happened in 1991 which had brought many on the road. The worst affected amongst are the middle class and poor people. 

Violence against women, where goddesses are worshiped:-


India is emerging but what would a development fetch with a black spot? Globally, tourists are warned before going in India for its rape history. The violence and abuses caused range from all kinds, be it inside or outside the house. There have been various steps and initiatives taken place but still a woman is afraid to venture out in dark and comes back home before the night darkens. 

Delhi, the capital of India is now been considered as the rape capital of country, especially after the grieved Nirbhaya case. The rates of rapes happening in the country are surprising and the ways are even more heart-rending. This has led to drawback in the female workforce in the country. The Government is taking steps but people in power should not be escaped. 

The investigations and security forces along with punishments should be stronger. The culprit does not see age or anything before raping or abusing a woman, the court should not even see the power it holds. The major concerns also include threats to the victims, unreported cases and loss of evidence. 

The darkest truth starts after society knows about it; the culprit moves free unabashed but the victim is not treated normally. The youth should also be made aware of women’s respect and safety effectively too. 

Indian Government along with citizens should drive effective changes for the well-being of citizens and address the problems effectively. This would change the dream of developed India into reality sooner. 


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