See what Bangalore sonic boom had left everyone thinking?

The Bangalore sonic boom had left everyone thinking, while Bangaloreans turning the dilemma into humorous memes. The entire Bangalore was shaken after a super sonic boom sound heard all over the state. The silence of Lockdown got quieter when the sonic boom sound was thought to be a signal of earthquake. However, the concern of the state people just got ended when it was confirmed that it was pertaining to a routine test of IAF flight. However, the netizens just took an opportunity and turned it into hilarious memes and jokes flooding the internet.

About the boom sound in Bangalore and the thought inferences of the source:-

The sonic boom sound which rattled the whole Bangalore and brought it to a standstill was heard on 20th May around 1.25 p.m. The sound which travelled faster than the speed itself of the sound was felt at Marathahalli, Whitefield, HSR Layout, CV Raman Nagar, Ulsoor, around HAL airport Koramangala and CV Raman Nagar. 

The theory ranged from all criteria that could be an earthquake, thunder and explosion. The people that experienced the sound could only talk about it being a fast fighter plane or a thrilling thunder. The inferences were also ruling out possibilities of earthquake from the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Centre (KSNDMC)

This also gave a momentum to the panic messaging, memes and jokes over the whole incident just flooded the social media platform. While everyone was guessing, the security personnel in the state reported there was no call on 100 or any loss of property and life reported. The seismometers too did not record any vibrations or by the sensors, the sound was purely anonymous till 20th May.

The main reason and source of the boom sound in Bangalore:-

IAF’s Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) are testing SU-30 named fighters through their pilots. It has also been reported that there are two agencies based in the city whose pilots are conducting tests on the airplanes. These both agencies based in the city are ASTE and Defense PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), which were thought to be the reason behind the sonic boom sound. 

However, considering the parameters of the supersonic test, it would be a mistake during testing. The reason being aircraft are permitted for going supersonic on 11 Km and not at all in populated areas as told by an IAF officer.

 Finally, on 21st May morning at 9.35, the news was out that it was a routine test of IAF Flight that was reported to have taken flight from Bengaluru Airport. The IAF Flight flew outside the allotted airspace of state, while it was stated by the MoD.

The reaction of Netizens on the boom sound in Bangalore:-

The Twitter was flooded with hash tags like #earthquake # Bangalore # boomsound and the boom sound became a meme material. There were a range of memes from old to new made on the sound including aliens and many more. 

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