Sanya Malhotra campaigned about Ola cabs

Sanya Malhotra campaigned about Ola cabs, while she was not able to drive because of her finger surgery.

Sanya Malhotra in her recent video shared some of the positive experiences in a video which she had posted on 4th July on her Instagram handle. Sanya Malhotra had stated that the five layer safety initiative observed by Ola cabs was overwhelming, while she had taken Ola cab for buying medicines and essentials.

The experience that Sanya Malhotra had shared in her recent post:-

Sanya Malhotra in her recent video shared her experiences of taking an Ola cab on a suggestion from her friend. The reason being, Sanya Malhotra had a finger surgery recently and was not able to drive, so for buying essentials and medicines she had taken Ola cab.

Sanya Malhotra stated that the cab driver wore masks and gloves and the seats of the cab were sanitized while conveying her experience. She had also mentioned about the Ola cab’s five safety layers that the cab driver told her as well as she had read about it. Sanya Malhotra further conveyed not to venture out unless necessary but whenever you do so to keep travel safety in mind and then take decisions. 

She had also highly recommended checking out the five layer safety initiative by Ola cabs and to make sure the next time you leave your house it’s in Ola. Sanya Malhotra had also tagged Ola cabs in her post while putting #MySafestRide, which was reposted and thanked by the official page of Ola cabs. 

About the five layer safety initiative started by Ola cabs that Sanya Malhotra had mentioned:-

Ola cabs had resumed their operations of cabs by adhering to strict safety procedures and came up with its five layer safety initiative. First and foremost the cab drivers wear a mask and the mask recognition technology of Ola cabs ensures along with other protective measures. 

The drivers are checked for their temperature which has been integrated in the app, ensuring driver and passenger safety. The car seats are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every ride and the cars are also fumigated thrice a week. There are protective screens installed for ensuring social distancing between drivers and passengers. 

There is also a flexible cancellation policy along with it if any of the drivers or passengers is not wearing masks. Ola cabs have also encouraged cashless payments and loading and unloading of luggage to be done by the passengers.   

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