Sanjeeda Shaikh campaigns about the initiative taken by Timex Group, Desh Ke Gaurav

Sanjeeda Shaikh campaigns about the initiative taken by Timex Group, Desh Ke Gaurav.

Sanjeeda Shaikh on 5th June had campaigned about the Timex group regarding their initiative which has been started for the frontline workers. The company has started a project Desh Ke Gaurav and Karan Patel another TV actor along with Sanjeeda Shaikh has been partnering with it.

Sanjeeda Shaikh campaigned about the initiative taken by Timex Group:-

Sanjeeda Shaikh on her Instagram had recently posted a video on 5th June where she conveyed the importance of frontline workers during covid-19. She had further conveyed that she takes pride in them and said the virus does not differ in anyone; however they are working day and night for us.

She had also conveyed that for her, the corona hero is her building’s watchman. She further mentioned that, the reason being, he keeps the building safe, clean and maintains all the precautions preventing the spread of virus. She had further stated about the initiative taken by Timex Group about saluting these corona heroes in their unique way. Sanjeeda Shaikh stated that, for being a part of this initiative one has to nominate a covid hero that they know. 

This has to be done by posting a picture of this corona hero and tagging them on Facebook Sanjeeda Shaikh further mentioned that one has to also write a few lines about the corona and post it on the TMX Facebook page. While doing this, the corona hero that has been tagged would receive a TMX watch. 

The person who has tagged the corona hero would also stand a chance to win a TMX watch as stated by Sanjeeda Shaikh. She further stated “Come on India, let’s come together and salute these heroes, our Desh Ke Gaurav. 

She had also put up a link to the TMX watches’ Facebook page in the post. Karan Patel along with Sanjeeda Shaikh have partnered with Timex Group’s project Desh Ke Gaurav. 

About the initiative taken by Timex Group and campaigned by Sanjeeda Shaikh:-

The Timex Group had come up with a new initiative through its project to give back to the society by saluting the corona heroes. Timex Group came up with a 10 day long campaign of sharing posts to salute the corona heroes on its Facebook page until June 12.

 The Timex Group has come up with its unique way of distributing its TMX watches while saluting the frontline workers for their efforts.     

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