Safoora Zargar bail plea

Safoora Zargar’s bail plea gets rejected again who was accused for Delhi riots.

Safoora Zargar had filed a bail plea under medical grounds of suffering through polycystic ovary syndrome while being pregnant, increasing chances of miscarriages. However the bail plea was rejected on the grounds that it cannot be inferred that there is no formation of prima facie case.

The reason being the court had enough evidence that highlighted Safoora Zargar was at least involved in the road blockade through proper whatsapp chats as well as from the witnesses. However, He is provided with proper medical aid in the special cell for her medical condition as per the instructions of the court. 

About the bail plea made by Safoora Zargar:-

The advocates of Safoora Zargar, Trideep Pais, Sanya Kumar and Ritesh Dhar Dubey had defended her bail by stating against the Citizenship Amendment Act that she was holding a peaceful protest. 

They had also sought bail on humanitarian grounds by stating her medical condition of being 21 weeks pregnant. They had also stated that she has urinary tract infection and Polycystic Ovarian Disorder which can lead to miscarriage. 

About the prosecution statements and the judgment of the court to reject the plea by Safoora Zargar:-

The prosecution had stated that the inflammatory speeches made by him were a reason behind rioting and violence behind the riots caused in Delhi on 23rd February. Patiala House Court’s Dharmender Rana, Additional Sessions Judge had stated that there prima facie evidence available with the court to show at least her involvement in road blockade. 

This evidence included the important statements given by witnesses as well as Whatsapp chats against him. There was a statement also passed by the judge based on evidence that invoked UAPA against Safoora Zargar. 

While agreeing to the prosecutor’s evidence, the judge passed the statement that when someone makes a choice of playing with embers they cannot put the blame on wind for carrying the spark and leading to spread of fire.

Safoora Zargar’s bail plea was rejected previously also:-

The twice bail plea made by Safoora Zargar had been rejected by the Patiala Court, before too on May 26. The magistrate had also rejected the bail plea on April 23 with a two page handwritten order accompanied with it. It read that the charges under UAPA like 13, 17, 16 and 18 are very serious invoking against the accused and in session’s court could be tried only. 

Arrest of Safoora Zargar under UAPA:-

Safoora Zargar arrested on 10th April by Delhi Police had led to Jafrabad metro station’s anti-CAA protests in Delhi in the month of February 2020, while booked under UAPA. He had also received a lot of criticism and defamatory comments as a consequence on social media also. 

Safoora Zargar, Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC)‘s members got these comments on her marriage and pregnancy. The DCW had also pleaded to Delhi Police in order to arrest the perpetrators behind them. 

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