Share the Load movement advertisement by Ariel

Rajkummar Rao campaigns about the “Share the Load” movement by Ariel while sharing an advertisement by Ariel.

The “share the load” award winning campaign which has got a new direction and meaning during the crisis was also shared and campaigned by Rajkummar Rao. The main idea behind this campaign has got more meaning to it during the lockdown and Rajkummar Rao shared its video on his Instagram handle.

About the post shared by Rajkummar Rao on the “Share the Load” campaign by Ariel:-

Rajkummar Rao recently on 8th June had posted on his Instagram handle the “share the load” advertisement by Ariel while campaigning for it. Rajkummar Rao had shared the video of the award winning campaign “Share the Load” by Ariel. 

The campaign has witnessed a new meaning in the crisis while all the family members are locked down at home. Rajkummar Rao had previously been a part of the “Share the Load” campaign by Ariel too. Rajkummar Rao had stated “When I #ShareTheLoad, whole new me comes out…whether it’s doing laundry or the dishes.” while campaigning for Ariel.

Rajkummar Rao further mentioned the reason behind it that “Because when you #ShareTheLoad you multiply the love!” Rajkummar Rao had also mentioned the official page of Ariel and put the hashtag #ShareTheLoad. 

About the “Share the Load” campaign by Ariel and its new edition focusing on lockdown campaigned by Rajkummar Rao:-

The new advertisement by Ariel starts with “What we learn in crisis will help us in times of comfort which was shared by Rajkummar Rao. The new advertisement by ariel compiles various advertisements of the “Share the Load” campaign by Ariel with more meaning to it. 

The central idea behind the “Share the Load” campaign by Ariel was to divide the household chores and not limit to a single gender. It was supported by Ariel by putting forward the simple idea through sharing the laundry. The campaign focusing on social change has got a new meaning during the lockdown. 

The advertisement by ariel promoting the idea to divide the load while the whole family members are locked down during the pandemic. This has been widely campaigned by Ariel during the lock down on its Instagram handle.

It could be seen through different users sharing their video while tagging Ariel and putting the hashtag #ShareTheLoad. Ariel itself is putting various posts from the stills of the advertisements on the campaign to promote the idea.

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