Rajesh Khattar and Vandana Sajnani

Rajesh Khattar and Vandana Sajnani on their 12th Anniversary shared a picture of their son.

Rajesh Khattar with his second wife Vandana Sajnani had a son in August the previous year. Sunday morning, on their 12th Anniversary, they extended the moment and introduced their first son to the world.

Rajesh Khattar posted his son’s picture, Vanraj on Instagram his second wife Vandana Sajnani on their 12th Anniversary. The couple was trying for a baby for 11 years and finally they had him in August last year. The reports also suggest that they were expecting twin babies.

The condition of Vandana Sajnani brought out a situation during her sixth month of pregnancy. The condition made the growth of the twin they lost to grow slowly. It made her lose one of the twins, so they took extra precautions for saving their only son. This also created an unfavorable situation for the next twin and was delivered prematurely, 3 months before the date.

The surgery that Vandana Sajnani had to go through had a lot of effects on her and took a great amount of time to heal. The premature twin was shifted to NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) for 2 and half months. The mother and son went through a lot of struggle and he could welcome him on Janmashtmi finally.

Rajesh Khattar had even remarked that a father at 50 plus age is like a beautiful challenge for him. He had opened up about Vandana Sajnani’s pregnancy failures too. He stated that they were trying for a baby for 11 years but couldn’t have one. He revealed she underwent IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) failures and three miscarriages. They had also witnessed three surrogacy failures and three IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). 

Vanraj, a combination of name with first three letters of Vandana Sajnani and Rajesh Khattar’s name was surely a boon to this couple after 11 years. Rajesh Khattar also posted with a cute caption as if he is narrating Vanraj’s thoughts in it. The caption shows that Vanraj is greeting the world and conveying his greetings from dad, Rajesh Khattar too. 

He further conveys through the caption that his dad is telling that the world is in struggling times. He assures that it is fine we would win through it and we will come out of it soon. The time we come out of it, our parents and elders would put collective efforts to enhance the world. This would in turn make a beautiful world for the coming generation and we would live happily. 

He also conveyed on behalf of his son that though its parent’s 12th Anniversary, it is his first to be a part of, so it is a special one. The post got a lot of wishes and his fans loved his new son’s birth. 

Rajesh Khattar was married to Neelima Aznani in 1990 while she had a son Shahid Kapoor with Pankaj Kapoor. Rajesh Khattar had a son with Neelima Aznani, Ishan Khattar and had got divorced in 2001.

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