Preksha Mehta

Preksha Mehta, a budding talent lost by the Television Industry after she commits suicide.

The news of Preksha Mehta has surfaced the internet as she commits suicide but even more chilling is the reason and suicide note behind it.

About the news of Preksha Mehta’s suicide:-

The heart rendering step was taken by Preksha Mehta at the young age of 25 on Monday night, however her body was found hanging on Tuesday morning. The actress appearing in Crime Patrol had traveled back to her hometown in Madhya Pradesh, Indore.

Preksha Mehta’s cousin had unraveled some of the details of the Monday night. He had stated that their family was playing cards and amidst the hustle and bustle, Preksha was sitting alone over the steps. Preksha Mehta’s mother had also asked about her well-being but she told her that everything was fine with her. 

He further revealed that Preksha Mehta had gone to her room upstairs at about 10 p.m. and then posted a message through her Instagram story. The next morning when her mother went upstairs to wake her up for yoga, she found her body that was hanging from the ceiling fan. She was also rushed to hospital but for no avail she was declared dead. 

Reason behind the suicide of Preksha Mehta:-

The possible reason inferred was depression from getting roles through her suicide note and last message on Instagram story. The small excerpt available from police about her suicide note read in Hindi that, her broken dreams have also crushed her confidence. 

It further read that I cannot live with broken dreams now, along with this negativity that I am carrying. She had even stated in the note that it has been one year ever since I am trying but now I am tired. she had also shared a message through an Instagram story that read in Hindi that “The worst thing that can happen when your dreams die”. 

The aftermath of the suicide committed by Preksha Mehta:-

The last post shared by Preksha Mehta was on 22nd May with a selfie and quoting the lyrics of the song “Agar Tum Saath Ho”. The post has been observed to have flooded with condolences and messages of RIP from her fans. Richa Tiwari had also shared her picture in an Instagram post and quoted her last message. 

The heartfelt post also read in Hindi that no one knows the dark side behind someone’s smile and asked for creating awareness about mental health. She had also further stated that she has lost another member of M.P.S.D. family. Karan Kundra had expressed condolences to Preksha Mehta’s family. 

He had also stated that she was too young and committed suicide while she had long life ahead and talk about mental health awareness. There are many others too that expressed condolences over the death of Preksha Mehta who had appeared in Meri Durga, Laal Ishq as well as in Crime Patrol.      

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