PowerOn sends Covid-19 Relief Tech to partner centers.

PowerOn does a noble work of receiving donations of technology tools and distributes them to the needy from LGBTQ+ communities. The global pandemic is really harsh on them too as more profiles require work from home and company is active in supporting the needy. 

About PowerOn:-

PowerOn claims to have donated $62,250 worth tech, connecting over 150 individuals and helped over 300 people for finding stable housing. It doesn’t end here, it has a reputation of working with 17 partner centers which are located across 16 states. 

Some of the problems and experiences put forward by PowerOn:-

PowerOn identifies the importance of technology for the community with means of healthcare, jobs, housing and acceptance. The same reason fuels them for making such technology tools available for the needy from the LGBTQ+ community through a network of supporters and partners. this company helps the needy from LGBTQ+ communities on a local level.

 They directly provide tools or responsibly recycle e-waste to take hold of their situation. PowerOn marks that 80% LGBTQ+ community youth, uses internet to search health information. While, out of the total homeless youth in America 40% is LGBTQ+. Company also put forward the change they could make through this noble gesture that about 335 people applied for jobs by using their technology tools.

 They have even claimed that 100 people benefitted for completion of their school work through the tech received from company. They have even shared that 257 people could find stable housing through their technology.   

PowerOn had sent a covid-19 relief tech:-

Company had recently identified another problem witnessed by most of the people in the LGBTQ+ community. Company has described the problem as they are facing difficulty in interaction, as the guidelines state for a lockdown. The centers without internet access are forced to make adjustments. 

However, during this testing time also, PowerOn has helped in making the LGBTQ+ community together and providing necessary resources. The program had also sent the tech relief of laptops, last week to their partner centers. The partner centers were Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center and Triangle Community Center. This was done with a view to benefit the staff of the center for continuing their work throughout the pandemic.

 PowerOn also aims to provide everything possible to support their partner centers. So, that these centers can continue their work and make sure LGBTQ+ communities are healthy, safe and secure.    

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