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Poonam Pandey rejected all the accusations that she was arrested on Sunday night after sharing a video on Instagram.

Poonam Pandey came into headlines for violating the rules of lockdown and roaming around in her car with her friend. Poonam Pandey, however, rejected it and clarified she was watching movies that night at her home on her Instagram page.

News of the FIR filed against Poonam Pandey:-

It was reported that Poonam Pandey along with her friend Sam Ahmad Bombay was outdoors amidst the lockdown for a drive. They were reported to roam in her luxurious car in Marine drives, breaking the rules of lock down. Poonam Pandey was caught by the Mumbai Police at 8.05 during her city tour according to some sources. 

However, Mrityunjay Hiremath had stated that there was a case registered on both of them under several acts. The case was registered under 188 (Disobedience of order duly promulgated by public servant) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Further in the list was under sections 269 (Negligent act likely to spread infection of a disease dangerous to life). The case also got an additional provision of the National Disaster Act as stated by the senior Inspector. It was also reported that they both were released, according to some reports. .

The rejection of the news by Poonam Pandey:-

Poonam Pandey replied to her news of being arrested to be fake news and posted a video on her Instagram page. She rejected the news as she was indoors safe that night and not out for a drive. The Instagram post was with the caption that addressed her fans and told them she had heard of her arrest but she was having a movie marathon. Further she even stated in her video that she was having a movie marathon Sunday night and had watched three movies.

 Poonam Pandey further stated that she was getting calls of her arrest from last night and she has no idea about it. She gave assurance that she was keeping up well and was safe in her house, so there is nothing to worry. Poonam Pandey even asked not to write about such fake news on her and she had seen the same in the news too for that reason.  

Comments on Instagram for her news on arrest:-

It was seen some had shown their disappointment for her roaming outdoors amidst lockdown. Some even confirmed it to be right and told her that even her car got seized along with it. There were some others who wished for her well-being and told her it was fake news. Some even criticized her for breaking the rules of lockdown

About Poonam Pandey:-

Poonam Pandey, a model as well as Bollywood actress made her debut with the film Nasha, playing the role of a teacher getting involved with her students. She Rose into fame after promising to strip in 2011 if Indian cricket team brought the World Cup. Poonam Pandey has never been seen on the big screen but she has been most active on her mobile app, The Poonam Pandey App. 

She uses it to share her pictures and videos for her fan followings. However, she has got lots of fame by the photo shoots done for her Instagram page and the same way she has a lot more followers.  

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