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Pooja Hegde speaks about feeding locals and being vocal while urging pet parents to buy from Drools.

Pooja Hegde had recently shared to Instagram about her motto to feed local and be vocal. This video was in collaboration with Drools; while she had done many tie ups with the brand along with her pet Bruno. While, speaking about Drools it is a leading Indian dogs and cats nutrition brand. 

About the message conveyed by Pooja Hegde through her Instagram post:-

Pooja Hegde had posted on Instagram her video on 24th May in collaboration with Drools India. She is seen in the video conveying the motto Feed local and be vocal. The motto is similar to PM Modi’s message to be vocal for the locals as she promotes the Indian brand, Drools. She is even seen in the video conveying to use local brands to help the nation come out of the uncertain situation. 

She further conveys to make local everyone’s motto and buy Indian products only. Pooja Hegde is further seen to urge all the pet parents to purchase Drools, for their pooch’s mealtime essential. She further states that she uses the same brand for her pooch, Bruno the same meal to fulfill its mealtime requirements. 

She even stated that this one step by each pet parent shall make a huge impact on the nation too. She conveyed in conclusion to feed real and to feed clean. She had captioned the same message tagging Drools India with hash tags like #DroolsIndia, #VocalForLocal, #SwadeshiBrand etc. 

Pooja Hegde had previously too represented Drools in various Instagram posts along with her pet Bruno. She has also got an overwhelming response on the post as she speaks about Drools India.  

Previous collaborations of Pooja Hegde with Drools:-

Speaking about Drools, it has earned success as India’s leading brand in the field of dogs and cats nutrition. Pooja Hegde was reported to have made a donation for food of stray animals, for 6 months. She had taken the initiative on 9th January during a donation drive keeping in focus for food of stray dogs and cats. 

This was observed at Mumbai’s All Canine Center.  The other 6 months food supplies were reported to have been donated by the brand itself. The brand also enlists various celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Disha Patani etc. for representation for the brand’s various initiatives and products. 

Drools’ success can be measured with an estimation of 6000 crores of revenue as well as experience of 36 years. 

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