Pooja Hegde campaigns for Pepsi India

Pooja Hegde campaigns for Pepsi India with the singlehood anthem “Swag se Solo”.

Pooja Hegde was seen in the recent post grooving on the singlehood anthem “Swag se Solo” while campaigning about Pepsi India. She had put the video along with explaining various ways to maintain social distancing also. 

About the video posted by Pooja Hegde while campaigning about Pepsi India:-

Pooja Hegde was seen grooving to a “Swag se Solo song” in her recent post on Instagram for some portion of the song that had featured Salman Khan. She had also denoted the lines chosen for the song in a way to show various preventing measures for the various. 

While campaigning for Pepsi India through the song Pooja Hegde had denoted ways for no contact meet and greet, while maintaining social distancing. Pooja Hegde was seen elegant in her white and black striped top while campaigning for Pepsi. 

She had showcased her own idea for giving the message of social distancing in a unique way through the video. Pooja Hegde had captioned the video also by saying the new “swag” prevails in saying namaste in the present condition for social distancing and maintaining zero contact meet and greet. 

She had also captioned her video with #harghoontmeinswag, #socialdistancing and #swagsesolo while tagging Pepsi India. 

About the Swag se Solo song and campaign started by Pepsi of which Pooja Hegde is a part:-

The Swag se Solo song which has become the singlehood anthem was launched by Pepsi India in February, featuring its brand ambassador, Salman Khan. The song had gained immense popularity and was reported to be the extension of the ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’ swag hai campaign by Pepsi India. 

It was very nicely planned for his release with the valentine day as a voice for India’s youth to be single by choice. Pepsi India on 30th May had come up with a new campaigning idea. This was done by including some part of the song which conveyed social distancing norms. 

It was started by the brand ambassador Salman Khan and reposted by Pepsi India. Pepsi India had started the new campaign of the song swag se solo, with which, Jacqueiline Fernandez, Shehnaaz Gill, David Warner, and others have also been part along with Pooja Hegde.

The campaign has gained a lot of popularity and many of the users of Instagram are being connected with the campaign with its idea, while tagging Pepsi. 

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