Lockdown views got by narendra modi

PM Narendra Modi received divergent views on relaxations for the lockdown phase 4.

The Lockdown 3.0 is on the verge of ending and for taking further decisions in accordance to the lockdown 4.0 Narendra Modi held a virtual meet. The meet addressed all the CMs and discussed their strategies for it and their requirements. PM Modi was with a view to increase the relaxations post May 17 for starting public activity and rescuing the economy. He had received mixed views, while some adhere to it and some not.

The highlights that Narendra Modi addressed along with lockdown:-

PM Narendra Modi addressed the CMs about two major problems faced by India today, one of which is the reduction of covid-19 transmission rate. The other one is regarding the increase in public activities slowly. He even highlighted that unless a potential vaccine was researched the biggest weapon to combat covid-19 is lockdown.

 He even put forward the suggestion of making a road map that would be developed on the basis of specific geographical areas based on examination. It was further suggested that economic activities increase in green zones and with some or full restriction in others. He gave this view on the basis of his ideology that the measures needed in a lockdown are not needed in the adjoining lockdown. 

He even put forward the concerns regarding the education which has been halted. He even made aware that the world won’t remain the same by giving examples of the world wars. He even highlighted that the rail resumption which took place recently won’t be fully implemented. PM Modi addressed that now India knows how to live with the virus but the benefits won’t be lost that were gained in the lockdown.

 He indicated the further efforts should be emphasized in preventing the spread in rural areas. PM Modi also gave a slogan to follow just like the previous one Jaan Hai Toh Jahaan Hai. This time he gave it as Jan Se Lekar Jag Tak, symbolizing the meaning from an individual to the whole world’s humanity we are all together in combating the virus. He even asked the state CMs to draw a map with their teams and send the blueprints by May 15. 


The Bengal State:-

Among all the CMs, the criticism from Bengal State CM Mamta Baerjee was louder. She was seen waving papers and debating on worst treatment by the center. She was accused of politicizing the issue and for the fast pace of sending letters and on the teams coming to examine the situation. She was in favor of the extension of lockdown for the state while accusing the center.

Maharashtra :-

The Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray had proposed his view on lifting the lockdown. He had further stated that there would be cases increased by May end so he did not favor lockdown lifting. He even asked for additional security forces from the PM to fight the virus.


CM Pramod Sawant put forward the suggestion for relaxation in inter-state transport and resuming mining and Tourism. 


CM Arvind Kejriwal was with view to allow relaxations in other zones than in the containment zones. 


CM Bhupesh Baghel was with a view to start some economic activities,


CM Captain Amarinder Singh proposed the extension of lockdown but with careful strategic planning.


CM Sarbananda Sonowal that extension should be for two more weeks for carefully opening movement and one week between every train movement.


The implementation would be with some relaxation in a non-containment zone.   

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