PM modi lockdown 4.0

PM Modi’s strategies on Lockdown 4.0 on 12 th May in his live speech.

PM Modi gave a live speech on 12th May to address the country people about his strategies for Lockdown 4.0 and his views on the current situation. Narendra let calm on the worries of people and addressed them with the further steps taken by the Government.

PM Modi with a positive note in his live speech:-

PM Modi began his speech by appreciating people to have taken precautions very well. Then moving ahead he even expressed his concerns on rising cases and deaths. He further narrated we have to stay strong during this testing time. He further expressed his views that the 20th Century is the best for India’s development. He said we have got an opportunity to see again some of the default systems in India.

Self- Reliant India expressed in the live speech:-

He addressed that the only way to revolve from this situation is by being self-reliant India. He further said it’s a step ahead for fulfilling the dreams of making the 21st Century beneficial for India. He narrated this idea through an example. He gave the example of PPE kits and N-95 masks kits being imported but now India took this opportunity to make it self-reliant. 

This became a reality now when these both things are being produced for a quantity of 2 lakh on every day basis. He even explained that the definition of self-reliance has completely changed in the world as being only self-centered but in India it is different. He explained that the self-centered definition doesn’t go with the culture of India and explained the idea of vasudev kutumbakam. 

He said that India sees its progress along with the progress of the world. He even gave the importance of different movements in India which have helped the world in whole like the Yoga day started for the mental health of the whole world. The medicines of India have reached like angels for reviving lives of different patients worldwide. 

This has led to appreciation of people all over the world for India making them believe India is going to do far better.  

Self-reliant India’s Pillars expressed in the live speech:-

PM Modi gave the example of an earthquake that happened in Kutch but over some time it was revived out of the worst disaster. He further said it was only possible because of great determination by people. The similar emotion has to be seen by the people. He further narrated now India has a will and direction, which would lead to self-reliant India.

 He further stated that this building of self-reliance has stood on 5 pillars. The first pillar is economy, second is infrastructure, third is the system which is technology driven and fourth is our demography which is our strength and the fifth pillar is demand.

The movement and steps for self -reliant India expressed in the live speech:-

PM Modi further addressed a package that was discussed with RBI on the covid-19 crisis. He further conveyed that the package would have 20 lakh crore being around 10% of the economy which would be a great boost for this idea of self-reliance. The package has given weightage on labor, liquidity, land and laws. 

The package is with the view to cater needs of MSMEs, laborers, middle class, cottage industry, industries and others. The information further would be provided by the finance Minister in some days. He even stated various concerns for reforms on JAM trinity for curbing the negative effects of covid-19. These include supply chains with regard to agriculture, rational tax systems etc. 

He even gave the message of being vocal for locals that meant to use local brand products that will increase India’s economy. 

India to live with virus narrated in the live speech:-

PM Modi expressed his concerns that it has been claimed by scientists that viruses won’t go easily so we have to live with it while performing our contribution to the economy.PM modi expressed it by giving the slogan of Do Gaz Doori and explained the new rules and relaxations would be there in lockdown 4.0. It would be informed state-wise to all the country people before the date of 18th May. 

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