PM Modi addresses people and urges to join the new covid warrior website.

The 64th edition of the popular programme started by PM Modi on 26th April addressed the country. He emphasised the importance of the newly launched covid warrior website and urged to support it.
PM Modi addresses people to join the new covid warrior website.
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The popular programme started by PM Modi ‘Mann Ki Baat’ has been a medium through which PM Modi addresses the public about the current affairs, ethics and duties of each citizen towards India. Episodes of “Mann ki baat” are aired on television on news sites as well as on radio to reach each and every person.
PM Modi had emphasised on various topics related to coronavirus. The episode embarked with the opening of PM Modi stressing on the concept ‘people driven’.  PM further appreciates the spirit of every Indian citizen to be a soldier in this war against coronavirus.
 PM further emphasised the importance of a ‘people driven’ war against the virus. He appreciated the spirit of the people and addressed the people as different threads of the same fabric who are helping each other. 
PM Modi further expressed gratitude towards the noble works each and every citizen( covid warrior )is doing from making arrangements to the needy for food and essentials to medical equipment. It has been an one aim and direction followed by people. He addressed different efforts by people and the spirit of patriotism showcased by each person.
Further, in the simple and thought provoking speech PM Modi applauded the work of different contributions by each worker. He further emphasised about the covid warrior website which is . The website is a commendable initiative to connect various volunteers which would be from social organizations or representatives of civil society or from local administration.


 PM extends his gratitude further for the people to join this platform in the number of 1.25 crores. It consist of Doctors, Nurses, ASHA-ANM workers, NSS and NCC cadets and various other professionals from the fields. He stresses on the importance of covid warriors as they have been a great help in the war against diseases. He further takes his vision a step ahead and urges people in more numbers to join the platform and become a covid warrior to contribute maximum on individual level and serve the country.
The Prime Minister also put importance on Ayurveda and Yoga to be originated from India and accepted by other countries. He also told if the situation needed, India would help other countries too in this fight. He even spoke about strict rules for the protection of covid warriors. PM Modi said that strict actions would be taken for causing any harm to a covid warrior.
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