pink is glaring over the greenish Lonar lake,

A tinge of pink is glaring over the greenish Lonar lake, overnight in 50,000 years. Know the reason behind it.

There has been an astounding phenomenon seen in the Lonar Lake in Buldhana which has a history formed after the collision by Lonar crater. The Lonar lake has been reported to have turned with a tinge of pink overnight which has spiked out an array of speculations while encouraging the scientists about the phenomenon.

About Lonar Lake:-

The Lonar Lake which is of 113 Hectare had led to formation about 50,000 years back which is located in the district of Buldhana in Maharashtra. The formation of the lake has been reported to have formed during the Pleistocene Epoch because of the collision of the asteroid Lonar.

The Lonar lake being a part of the Deccan Plateau is declared to be the part of 383-hectare Lonar Wildlife Sanctuary. The lake was also identified during the British Period as a unique geographical site as well as declared to be notified as National Geo-heritage Monument.

About the formation of a tinge of Pink over the greenish colored Lonar lake:-

The Lonar lake located 500 km away from Mumbai has witnessed a phenomenon leaving everyone baffled and surprised.

The color of lake had suddenly turned to a tinge of pink overnight sparking various theories and researches. There have been theories spelled out by experts according to media reports that the phenomenon has happened previously too but this time it is more glaring.

The theories put forward by experts and scientists about the Lonar lake:-

There are reports supporting previous findings over the Lonar lake to have saline water along with a pH value of 10.5. Lonar lake conservation and development committee member, Gajanan Kharat, had given the reason for algae and salinity in the water of lake.

He had further stated that such phenomenon can be associated with a similar phenomenon experienced in a lake of Iran. The lake had turned into the color red as the possible reason to be increased in salinity. The collection of samples of water from the Lonar lake for finding out the reason has been also asked to the forest department.

Kharat had further stated that the levels of water have gone low and currently is the lowest in the past few years. The reason being, there has not been any fresh water poured over the lake through rain. head of the geography department of Aurangabad’s Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Dr Madan Suryavanshihad also given a reason for the same.

He had stated that the possible result that can be drawn would be no disturbance caused over the lake during the time of Lockdown. He had even stated it for a seasonal change and had conveyed for visiting it in a week to examine the reason behind the phenomenon of the lake.

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