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The situation of people stuck in Deolali sanatoriums during covid-19.

Deolali is a hill station and Army base camp located near Nashik, where most tourists visit for enjoying its greenery especially old-age people. Deolali unlike other hill stations has sanatoriums with very few hotels to stay. Deolali sanatoriums are known for their services and amenities provided inside the sanatorium premises. The aftermath of the declaration of lockdown witnessed most people from the Deolali sanatoriums arrive back and some are still staying there. 

The people back in sanatoriums have no difficulties; however they are facing difficulties to come back to Mumbai. The people at these sanatoriums were interviewed by our team which put light to some of the facts.  

The procedure of coming back to Mumbai from Deolali sanatoriums:-

It was reported that the people stuck in Deolali first need to have their checkup done by a doctor, for verifying that their health is sound. After the checkup, they need to get permission from the police to go back after telling them in a letter the reason to go back. If you are approved, after this process you need to have a personal vehicle or try to hire one as the transport by trains or other means is completely closed. 

The journey of 3 hours and 20 minutes, in the personal vehicle, would only be allowed to be done with one driver and 3 people along with him.  

Accommodation in the Deolali sanatoriums amidst covid-19:-

The accommodation fee of the sanatoriums for the tourists in Deolali Sanatoriums happens in the Mumbai office of it with a deposit. Then the monthly charges are recorded to be paid after the end of the stay, on the basis of the facilities used. The people stuck also informed there is no permission of anyone new to come from Mumbai and stay. 

Even if someone has come to take back someone, they are allowed to be for maximum 2 hours and immediately leave. The people also reported that few sanatoriums are shut and others 75% full.

The facilities available within the Deolali sanatoriums:-

The people had stated that they are facing no difficulty as the Deolali sanatoriums are taking care of all their needs. The groceries are coming directly from nearby farms and the vendors are also taking proper measures. Facilities like house cooks and other workers are given a separate room within the sanatorium. 

The requirements of any goods are catered by the staff and they need not step out. The health services and security services are good in Deolai but newspaper services from Mumbai have stopped as trains are closed.

Precautions they need to observe within the Deolali sanatoriums:-

Deolali sanatoriums have gardens and people are allowed to go there but maintain proper social distancing. There are also army personnel out of sanatoriums for their protection and help. The people within the sanatorium have been told not to go out unless necessary and only one member out of the family is allowed. They are also asked to sanitize their hands timely, for that they have kept sanitizers in the premises too and wear masks inside the premises. 

The staff also maintains proper precautions by others, themselves and other vendors who come inside the sanatoriums. People also stated that they have not been given any due date to empty the sanatoriums and the things stated describing the situation of every Deolali Sanatoriums amidst covid-19.  

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