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Oh god!!! War between Youtubers and TikTokers, CarryMinati gave momentum to another clash.

Youtube and TikTok, two digital platforms have always been in a clash. Recently, such a clash was witnessed when CarryMinati’s video went viral which was like an answer to Amir Siddiqui’s TikTok video on Youtubers.

About Ajey Nagar as CarryMinati:-

CarryMinati has found his place as one of the popular YouTubers and is 20 years old. He had dropped 12th Standard exams being nervous for Economics subject and continued distance education. He has been keeping his personal life private, and has earned 12 million followers. The TIME Magazine even appreciated him with a title of ‘Next Generation Leader’.

He had even earned a Gold Youtube play button after hitting 1 million followers and is famous for roast videos on Dhinchak Pooja, Deepak Kala, ‘Bigg Boss Etc. Starting his channel in 2014 he has another channel too, Carryislive. It has been successful with more than 4 Million followers and another achievement by him on YouTube is as India’s No.1 live stream game broadcaster.

The Normal clash of the two digital Platforms even before CarryMinati’s video:-

The enmity has been witnessed between the two digital platforms YouTube and TikTok for a long time now. The criticism is held by both YouTubers as well as TikTokers about each other’s platform. There have been complaints and roasts by TikTokers on the abusive language used in YouTube videos.

There have been accusations laid down by YouTubers on TikTokers that they practice the buying of Blue ticks from Instagram. The other accusations include the creation of Fake Wikipedia to procure Blue ticks from Digital Agency. There are thousands of videos made by TikTok, some entertaining for some netizens too. Though, it has also been stated by YouTubers, as lip syncing to be a piece of cake. 

These all things have always provoked clashes and the recent one was by CarryMinati on a TikToker Amir Siddiqui.

The roast video by CarryMinati:-

There has been a new flame of roast that has been given momentum by CarryMinati across the internet. It has been reported that initially Amir Siddiqui had released a video to roast the YouTubers through the medium of TikTok. He had put the accusation of content stealing as a practice by Youtubers for their channels from TikTokers and also their community is way better than YouTubers. This was posted by Amir Siddiqui in an effort to crush the fun made by YouTubers on their channel about TikTokers. 

It was clearly seen that CarryMinati could not stand the criticism and as an answer posted a roast video of around 13 minutes, that had an outburst in the internet along with his fellow YouTubers appreciating him.

The response received to the roast video by CarryMinati:-

The verbal smackdown had received lots of great responses in the form of memes, tweets and posts. The video as CarryMinati’s personal success was potential to create history for Indian YouTube by reaching 5 Million likes in just a day. The video too crossed 20 Million markups in a span of 24 hours along with the negligible like and dislike ratio. 

The video is headed towards another milestone to break the highest number of comments witnessed in just one video. The video gained such an amount of response that #carryminati roast topped the Twitter charts with people posting their views, reactions and responses on Twitter. 

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