Locusts in mumbai

Officials reject the claims of locusts in Mumbai being spotted through videos on the internet.

Mumbai got buzzed by large clouds of locust through videos which have been clarified as fake by the officials and confirmed no locusts in Mumbai. There were heard of locusts seen in regions of Nagpur, Narkhed, Vidarbha, Amravati, Bhandara, and Wardha in Maharashtra, however no locusts in Mumbai.

The spotting of locusts in various regions of Maharashtra, however, no invasion of locusts in Mumbai:-

Locusts’ swarms which had devastated big fields of crops were seen in Tumsar and Mohadi Tehsils of Bhandara. They were reported to have entered the state’s Vidarbha district first after traveling from Madhya Pradesh. Large clouds of these devastating swarms also hovered over Wardha and Nagpur districts. 

The movement and patterns of these clouds of swarms were chased by officials for a long time and reported to decrease in size from 17km. The swarms’ movement was seen in Tumsar tehsil while the swarms disappeared in forest to be seen again in Temni village. The officials had reported no major loss in the paddy fields while it was reported that the spraying of Katol had helped massively. 

The swarms were seen in Parseoni tehsil’s Ghatrona village and next spotting was experienced in Mouda and Ramtek in Bhandara district. After being witnessed in dozens in Mohada and Tumsar Tehsils many other villages like Nisatkheda, Chacher etc. 

The crops of Brinjals were also reported for losses while the crops were in their final stage. There was also a worst attack on orchards of oranges being reported in Mauda and Ramtek. There were also pesticides sprayed in Bhandara district through fire tenders over trees like Mango, Jambhu, and Teak etc. 

The result was seen as in large numbers these insects by morning fell and were reported to be dead. There were also reports of fruits being unaffected and leaves of Mango trees being eaten. 

The SMS alerts by the farmers had helped the officials greatly for tracking down the movement of clouds of locusts. It has also been reported from the last tracing that they have moved to Gondia district into Chhattisgarh.  

The videos and messages being surfaced for locusts in Mumbai:-

There were videos in great numbers that had surfaced the internet, which had created a panic on large clouds of locusts in Mumbai. There was a video which showcased the skyline of Mumbai for proving that locust in Mumbai has been entered. 

This had created large panic while houses making the windows of their houses thinking about locust in Mumbai as a precaution. 

The officials rejected the claims for locusts in Mumbai:-

There were several public agencies rejecting locusts in Mumbai which was also confirmed by Union agriculture ministry’s warning for locust. There was also a warning issued by BMC to stop the spread of fake messages and Mumbai’s air traffic control did not observe locust in Mumbai. 

There were also no such alerts issued for Konkan regions but for the state for the swarms of locusts. Agriculture commissioner, Suhas Diwase, even confirmed that they got no warnings and were getting constant updates from the Locust Warning Organisation. 

The air direction was also reported for Locust spread towards MP border and eastern parts of Maharashtra but no locusts in Mumbai.   

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