Nuawoman shared the success of their project Prerna

Nuawoman shared the success of their project Prerna and thanked for contributions that had enabled the distribution of more than 60,000 pads.

Nuawoman had started a new project while partnering with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, YWater India and the Navi Mumbai hub of the Global Shapers Community. The Project Prerna was aimed to provide sanitary pad supplies to women in red zones and had raised funds of about 20 lakh. This had further facilitated them to distribute 60,000 pads and still counting. 

About the Prerna Project started by Nuawoman:-

Nuawoman had started the Prerna project on May 15 in collaboration with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, YWater India and the Navi Mumbai hub of the Global Shapers Community. The goal of the project initially was to support 30,000 women in Mumbai that are situated in red zones in Mumbai. 

They had started a fundraiser for the same reason on Milaap fundraising platform. The brand has been capable of raising Rs. 21, 22,718 in 10 days while their goal is to reach Rs. 22, 00,000 and offered a tax exemption certificate also. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai had been helping them also in reaching out to women in these communities.

They are also helping the project for the distribution of the sanitary pads also. They have also created mental awareness by distributing pamphlets in Hindi and Marathi for creating awareness about menstrual hygiene. The pamphlet also has instructions regarding the usage of the sanitary pads. The project aims at donating 1 month supply of sanitary pads to women for every Rs. 75 donated. 

The success of the Prerna project by Nuawoman:-

Nuawoman had recently shared its success on social media for distribution of 60,000 pads and counting in quarantine and red zones. They also gave a big shout out to the donors, volunteers and the partners for helping them along with those who helped them spread the word. 

They had also mentioned about the 4 people which were the driving force in their team for distribution. Nuawoman had also conveyed through the post to post further updates of the sanitary pad distribution work by the Project Prerna. 

The aim behind Project Prerna started by Nuawoman:-

The project Nuawoman has a very noble aim behind it to help women in red zones having very limited access to basic supplies. These also include those with low incomes as the lockdown is going on past two months they are facing shortage of sanitary pads. 

The pamphlets distributed by them are also creating awareness of menstrual hygiene and the use and disposal of sanitary pads along with each packet. Nuawoman has been leading in providing customizable, toxin-free and innovative pads to women. 

Ywater is an organisation led by youth for working in Urban India on SDGs. The Global Shapers Navi Mumbai is an initiative started by World Economic Forumfor providing relief to the most vulnerable communities.    

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