New update- Nokia makes sure of securing IP gateways.

The world has become completely reliant on technology for continuing its work. Seeing, this phenomenon is flabbergasting but creates a lot of concern too, specifically about the security of our devices. There are many other concerns that have become issues like the price, commoditization and the process of automation that have shadowed the importance of security.

 This is where the concern of securing IP gateways comes up. Nokia with its automated testing and many other features helps in securing the IP gateways.

The concerns related to security of IP Gateways:-

IP Gateways have a major role to play, as they have to make sure that accessibility through devices and the subscriber stay secure, private and reliable. They are marked as those points that join customer end devices with their residential, mobile services and enterprise. They have a major role of controlling access, while enforcing policies and protecting against theft and abuse. 

The reason being the part having critical information is vulnerable to hijack for hostile purposes. The IP gateways include many critical functions; the breachers can have many targets too. It may be the network itself or functions and interfaces for subscriber authentication. It can also be a control plane or management plane that offers major services. 

There are many examples to be enlisted like the subsequent amplification attacks and Mirai botnet DDoS attacks. The concerns are growing as we have come to the 5G and cloud era consisting of a lot of poorly secured IoT devices. 

Security breaches for sensitive data exchanged by Governments, Businesses etc. can have alarming outcomes. This issue with time is increasing with more criminal organizations, higher rewards and different methods of attack. 

Nokia considerably helps in securing IP Gateways:-

The requirements of maintaining integrity are dependent on integrity of firmware, operating system (OS) software and router hardware. It also depends on the way they developed against vulnerabilities and security threats and above all on the testing done on it. 

Nokia makes use of automated testing which includes every line of code and optimizes it on a single software stream. While using so many servers every day they continue tests on a single software image. The Nokia, on the top of it, has an independent IP routing security test team for the same reason. It also conducts security tests during development of a new major or minor release. 

These are inclusive of tests related to robustness and protection against DoS attacks, along with fuzzing tests. They also conduct Port and vulnerability scanning, and have a robust set of features.  

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