Nisarga Cyclone warnings hover over Maharashtra and Gujarat from IMD, while the effect of cyclone in Mumbai.

While India still did not go through the effects of the Amphan cyclone, there has been a new warning issued about the Nisarga cyclone. The Nisarga cyclone predictions convey that it is likely to hit Gujarat and Maharashtra coast. There are also predictions of effects of cyclones in Mumbai along with other coastal regions made about the worst climatic conditions.

The alert regarding the Nisarga cyclone made and the effects of cyclone in Mumbai:-

There has been observance made by IMD that there is a low-pressure area formed over Lakshadweep, Arabian Sea’s East Central and South-East area. There has also been reported about the alert that it would be concentrated further into depression in the next 24 hours. 

This has been predicted over the Arabian Sea’s East Central and South-East area and intensified in the subsequent 24 hours into a cyclonic storm. Vice president (meteorology and climate change), Skymet, Mahesh Palawat, has also stated about the effect of Nisarga cyclones in Mumbai and in other regions. 

He had stated that cyclones in Mumbai, North Konkan and South Gujarat would witness maximum rains on June 3. However, it was also stated by him that the weather conditions while the cyclone moves rapidly won’t intensify into severe or extremely severe. 

The predictions have also been made that the weather conditions would become normal after the second half of June 3. It has also been reported that the low-pressure area has been currently observed to have situated by the Karnataka-Goa coast. 

There would be a movement seen in the cyclone in the northward direction, further intensifying into category 1 Nisarga cyclone. The intensification of the cyclone further towards the category 2 has also been predicted. After that its movement is predicted to cross Diu and Mumbai while the cyclone would be recurring north-east during the time period between Wednesday and Thursday. 

The weather conditions predicted because of cyclone Nisarga and the effects of cyclone in Mumbai and other regions:-

There have been predictions made for light to moderate rainfall in Kerala, Lakshadweep and coastal Karnataka made. Along with these areas the predictions are made in Goa, South Konkan, Diu, Gujarat, Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. 

The predictions also convey that there has been a possibility of heavy to very heavy falls in isolated parts of the enlisted areas too. The Ahmedabad meteorological center of IMD has also reported warnings for rough to very rough sea conditions.

 There has been deployment of NDRF teams also made for the Nisarga cyclone in the state of Maharashtra. There have also been predictions of the cyclone in Mumbai to cause floods in the pandemic hit city.   

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