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Nirmala Sitaraman comes up with a thoughtful quote that Self-reliant India will integrate not isolate after PM Modi’s speech.

PM Modi’s live speech had left everyone on a positive note, discussing various issues. Adjoining the speech, India’s Finance Minister had made a few tweets stating the meaning of various ideas put forward in the speech.

Few of the point of views put forward by Nirmala Sitaraman in her tweet:-

Nirmala Sitaraman had stated in one of her tweets that India’s economy has gained potential in various dimensions required. This is a nice progress as India now makes itself a country to confidently engage globally. She even conveyed that the aim of India is to now observe a transformation which is overall and not limited to incremental changes. 

She put forward her view of converting the pandemic into an opportunity. She further quoted in the tweet that #AatmanirbharBharat which symbolizes self-reliant schemes of India. It would integrate, include everyone and not isolate. In another tweet, Nirmala Sitaraman had expressed the example of devastation of Rann of Kutch given by Narendra Modi in his speech.

 Along with it, she appreciated the spirit of people in its revival and while recalling it she quoted PM Modi believes people would bring #AatmanirbharBharatAbhiyan in effect. Nirmala Sitaraman had also made the tweet that #AatmanirbharBharatAbhiyan not implying on isolationism, we will compete globally acquiring strengths, build capacities and skill people. 

Further adding to it, she highlighted the importance of using local brands to empower the worst hot brands in India. She further stated that various powerful global brands we see today have been strengthened and evolved locally. 

Nirmala sitaraman on the economic package:-

Nirmala Sitaraman took the views shared by PM Narendra Modi forward and stated that he had announced a 20 lakh crore economic package for self-reliance. She further stated it was also for ensuring that our lives were free and not limited around the disease that we lived in 50 days. Nirmala Sitaraman  had even tweeted that #AatmanirbharBharatAbhiyan an idea has everyone inclusive.

 It can be a manufacturer, an honest tax paying middle class, a trader, a hawker/street vendor, MSME etc. The package would not just be limited to its literal meaning but a thrust in governance, reform stimulus and a mindset overhaul. PM Modi announced the package, though various details would be imparted by The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitarama in a few days.

 Nirmala Sitaraman had also announced a stimulus package which had its worth around Rs 1.70 lakh crore in March for the poor and vulnerable sections. 

Nirmala Sitaraman at 4 p.m. to address a press conference on the economic package:-

Nirmala Sitaraman had made an announcement for a press conference on 13th May just the day after PM Modi’s live speech. She has thought to address people and give details about the economic package that PM Modi had announced. The information of the announcement was received through a tweet which was posted by the Ministry. There are even various bulletins where it is possible to know about the package live.   

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