Earthquake was reported in the state of Gujarat

News update: Earthquake was reported in the state of Gujarat of 5.5 magnitude.

An Earthquake of 5.5 magnitude was reported in the State of Gujarat leading to a panic among the people. However, minor casualties have been reported by the State Government. The epicenter of the Earthquake has been reported in the district of Kutch near Bhachau. The occurrence of this type of disasters is becoming common in India now-a-days with six Earthquakes reported in the past ten days. There were also reports of another Earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir reported 30 minutes after in Gujarat with a milder intensity of 3.0 magnitude.

About the Earthquake that had been reported in the State of Gujarat on Sunday:-

There was an Earthquake with 5.5 magnitude reported in the State of Gujarat on Sunday evening at 8.13 p.m. causing a panic among the people. The epicenter according to some officials was reported to be in Kutch district near Bhachau.
There were also reports from the National Center for Seismology (NCS), of the Earthquake taking place from Rajkot for about 122 km north-northwest (NNW).

According to reports, the tremors had made their effect on Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Saurashtra, Kutch, and Patan; as a consequence people were rushing out on the streets. There were also reports six minutes later for an aftershock of 3.1 magnitude felt.

About the actions taken by Gujarat Government for Earthquake:-

The Chief Minister was in constant touch about the casualities and losses with Pravina DK of Kutch and Remya Mohan of Rajkot. Vijay Rupani, CM of Gujarat had also contacted the collectors of Kutch, Rajkot, Patan, and districts which have been affected. Vijay Rupani, CM of Gujarat had also directed them to report any losses or casualties.

He had further directed them for keeping an extra eye on the current situation so that there is no panic. There were also directions given by the Chief Minister to the control room of disaster management cells for being active. There were also reports of small damage to property from the collectors and they were working to calm the panicked people.

About the experiences from the people of Gujarat:-

According to the statements, conveyed from people, there were people stating that as soon as they felt the tremor they left the house. One of them also stated that there was a sudden rain and thunder which was accompanied by tremors twice. There was another statement which conveyed that the sofa of the house jolted and then the person discovered it was a tremor.

About the reaction of Twitter users on Gujarat Earthquake:-

The users were fast to react on Twitter about their experiences from the Gujarat Earthquake as well as the occurrences of other disasters. They had also commented on the recent covid-19 situation and the Earthquake, while sharing memes and jokes for the same

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