Aadhar Housing Finance new home loan scheme

Aadhar Housing Finance announced New home loan scheme for frontline workers.

There was an announcement made by Aadhar Housing Finance made on 1st June about the new home loans scheme that is dedicated to frontline workers fighting the pandemic. These have been made available for self-employed workers also along with various Municipal corporation employees.

About the announcement made by Aadhar Housing Finance:-

The Aadhar Housing Finance had made an announcement regarding the new home loan scheme that would be offered to the frontline workers. These home loans by Aadhar Housing Finance, called as COVID Warriors Griha Loans, are being provided to government employees and employees of municipal corporations.

They are further available for companies involved in medical facilities and service providers in private security. It has been announced by Aadhar Housing Finance, that the loans have also been available further for self-employed workers involved in essential goods. 

Deo Shankar Tripathi, the Managing Director and CEO, has also stated the aim of the Aadhar Housing Finance to provide financial cushion to them. This will further enable them to fulfill their wish for a dream home. It has also been announced that the loan availability for them has been designed in such a way that they will be benefited with reduced rates. 

About the COVID Warriors Griha Loans by the Aadhar Housing Finance:-

These home loans could be availed for renovation, construction, buying a home or for a loan against property by the frontline workers and other mentioned people. It has been reported that the loan comes down to Rs. 800 for EMI on Rs. 1-lakh loan which was previously Rs. 950. 

The rate would come down to 7% which is a best rate while before subsidy it was reported as 10.25%. There has also been a complimentary offer along with the housing loan for a health insurance while availing these loans. The insurance has included facilities like taking care during medical emergencies as well as for expenses related to covid-19 would be helped too.

 It has also been reported about the availability of this new scheme of home loans till 31st October. Deo Shankar Tripathi, the Managing Director and CEO of Aadhar Housing Finance, had also stated that the company has already come up with gloves, sanitizers and gloves being provided. 

This was done as the Aadhar Housing Finance’s CSR and now has come out with this new scheme for this segment. The application for the loan could be done through the company’s official website or by calling its contact center on 8888899953.

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