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The new covid-19 world opens to digitalized health platforms: Application modernization.

Healthcare is marked as an area which is ever-changing and will continue with more change during the post covid-19 world. There have been predictions made that the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) policy changes and regulatory guidelines would have an urgent requirement to be more compliant over them.

Requirements for the changes of health care platforms to be digitalized post covid-19:-

The provider organizations need to focus on many areas waivers facilitation in order to provide enrollments. They further require for patients going through respiratory problems, online algorithms implementation. These all requirements are further compiled with the usage of preventive healthcare from the safety of home and online testing usage.
They further require a platform which is more scalable and contemporary which comes with experience of industry and a deep domain. There are also observations made on most of such organizations for using core administration platforms and combined with solutions which can effectively process business’ different lines.

These include plans of commercial health and Government health, however it restricts payer capabilities. The reason being there are many Modernization strategies accepted by Healthcare Domains.

The technique of Rehosting:-

This technique requires taking the source code to a setup which is virtual, physical or cloud, while it is less expensive. There are various other advantages of this technique as it is a legacy modernization option which is cost-effective and fast.

It also has the advantage that the architecture remains the same while changes in the code. The disadvantage that could be seen is that cannot make the advantage of the cloud fully and can have issues in performance.

The improvisation of the existing setup:-

This technique helps by improved design to repair the platform of legacy technology, along with that redundant codes are removed and the core stack remains unchanged. The strategy also addresses specific issues of the application that further enables small scale changes through the new technology.

These changes are made while keeping the technology and core architecture the same as before of the application. The disadvantage that it carries is that it is more time consuming than the rehosting technique, however has more benefits which are long-term.

The technique of redesigning:-

This technique allows you to take advantage through the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), modern programming languages as well as other web services. The only disadvantage of the strategy is that it requires more effort than the strategy of re-hosting.

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