MUMBAI: Security fixed at Yes Bank offices and ATMs.

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Security at Yes Bank base camp, its branches and ATMs across Mumbai was fixed to turn away any untoward episode, as many record holders of the emergency hit private loan specialist raced to pull back cash, an authority said on Friday. 

The RBI on Thursday forced a ban on the capital-starved Yes Bank, topping withdrawals at Rs 50,000 for each record. 
Record holders hurried to parts of the bank and their ATMs in frenzy to pull back cash on Friday morning, prompting bedlam at numerous focuses, remembering the one for south Mumbai’s Fortification region. 

“We have conveyed police work force outside the bank central command, its branch workplaces and ATM focuses in the city to deflect any sort of peace issue,” a representative of the Mumbai Police said. 

The police are continually observing the circumstance thus far, no untoward episodes have been accounted for, he said.

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