mother's day

Mother’s Day: A Day signifying the shadow of our life, mothers in making our life meaningful and beautiful.

Mother’s Day- Motherhood has been a great significance in every person’s life. It is that pure emotion when a mother sees the child before her happiness, care and dedicates her life to. 

Significance of Motherhood:-

It has been always seen in the life of almost all people, mothers play a very significant role. They portray a very pure emotion towards their child and every possible need while sacrificing theirs. A woman may have many goals in life but when she becomes a mother; her child’s happiness is the main goal of her life. 

She makes sure that the child faces no downfall and is always like a tigress to shield her child. This role is like a shadow in everyone’s life and the base of every building to be built. Such a job has repayment only in the form of gratitude and respect that every mother deserves. Mother’s Day has the same philosophy behind various ways of its celebration, lays a true emotion for mother. 


Mother’s Day symbolizes such a gratitude for mother that its celebration had the same reason too. This day before its official declaration was celebrated by a woman Anna Jarvis in 1908. She had held a memorial for her mother in the past in Grafton, West Virginia at St Andrew’s Methodist Church. She had started this campaign when her mother had passed away in 1905 and declared Mother’s Day as a holiday. 

The request by her was initially denied but by the year 1911 The U.S. started recognizing it as a significant day. Mother’s Day was started to express gratitude for mothers on every second Sunday of the month of May. It was signed by Woodrow Wilson as a proclamation regarding the designation of national holiday on the day in 1941. This time the day falls on May 10 and there is one more tale regarding the day. 

It has been believed that the occasion was commemorated in the memory of Mother Church and the date is on Christian Mothering Sunday.

How is it celebrated?

The day is solely celebrated for mother’s happiness. The day witnesses many people bringing roses, gifts and chocolates for their mothers. Social media is filled with Mother’s day quotes and posts. People make special arrangements for enhancing the importance of the day. They spent quality time with their mothers recalling their most cherished memories to appreciate her for everything.

Mothers are made to feel special by their children doing all her household chores and all her favorite things are done for her. Mother is showered with love, respect and gratitude. Mothers having small children especially, even write speeches and poems for them. 


Mother’s Day has such a strong philosophy behind its celebration that it should be every day. The day is only meant to make people aware and recognize out of their hustling lives. The main motive is to make mothers’ life as happy as the celebration of the day. It is to bring forward the lifetime efforts of a mother in light and a message to appreciate, respect and express gratitude for the same. 

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