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Mithila Palkar and Livon Serum have collaborated to bring to you an exciting contest, #FirstTimeFeels.

This fun contest was first started by her from May 9 and right now it is on its second challenge. The contest is in collaboration with Livon serum and the winners stand a chance to be featured by Mithila Palkar. 

About the #FirstTimeFeels contest started by Mithila Palkar in collaboration with Livon Serum:-

Mithila Palkar conveyed exciting news to her followers about #FirstTimeFeels on May 9 with a video. In the video, she gave some of the specifications of the exhilarating contest, making everyone tune in. She conveyed that every Friday she would come with an exciting theme. The interested should have to share a video or task of them attempting the activity in the theme. 

They have to post it on Instagram along with mentioning or tagging Livon Serum’s official page and Mithila Palkar. They also need to add the hash tag #FirstTimeFeels. The entries that gave the most first time feels to Mithila Palkar would stand a chance to be featured by her. 

The first challenge of #FirstTimeFeels:-

The first challenge involved sending a dish which is cooked for the first time by the participants. Mithila Palkar herself had tried a new thing during her self-quarantine period. She was also seen sharing her experiences and pictures of puris that she had made for the first time. She further encouraged for making something and send the picture or something made previously would also be fine. 

She had the list of winners and expressed her gratitude on the overwhelming response that she received on 16th May. She gave a shout out on the video of 5 names and the responses by the participants were delightful just as their attempts. While doing something for the first time feels great and coming together in a contest is even greater. 

The second challenge of #FirstTimeFeels:-

The second challenge was given during the shout out video of the first challenge on 16th May. The second challenge was even more adventurous as the next theme was experiments on hair. In the video, Mithila Palkar is seen expressing her views particularly on experimenting on hair.

 She even shared some of her pictures trying out a super cute hairstyle. She had been seen trying out a new hairstyle with braids. She even announced that the winners list would be out today on 22nd May. She would also be announcing the next challenge and she also has got promising responses.

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