Midnite joins with ESIC in a view to create ethical playing and betting in esports.

The esport betting startup which has been growing rapidly joined hands with ESIC. Midnite was the view with having esports and betting with full ethics and no cheating.

Esports counter the question of ethics in the games just like any other sports games. This is also a biggest pillar for all the esports betting companies. This is a bigger challenge as the players could not be seen in real time as well as the betters. The esports players are also looked down upon for integrity but it should not be judged on the industry. Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) acts as a watchdog over any unethical practices just as any other overseeing body while talking about normal sports. 

Esports in the past, was considered an unethical platform, the reason it had unregulated operators thus irregularly marketed. These markets should be controlled as they are bigger than the regular ones thus leading to higher risks. The Esports also witnesses irresponsibility in bringing out strict rules for the betters and players by the non-licensed operators. These are greater issues as this platform involves verification checks regarding the players, which may land them in trouble too.  

The main thing that the customers want from the Esport operators is transparency and integrity. There are also higher chances for fixing too without being aware as the players and better cannot be seen in real time. These types of chances of cheating questioning the integrity of Esports and its operators are met by ESIC. ESIC has a view to create a hundred percent ethical platform for Esports and has recently merged another platform for Esports, Midnite. 

Midnite is a Esport betting start up that is London based, the same hands behind Dribble, the fantasy football app. Midnite has been talked about for efficiently raising $2.5 million funding with its strategic investment. Midnite has joined hands with ESIC for an ethical Esports betting platform. Midnite has their three largest games, which are Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-strike which brings about odds on many Esports.

The ESIC had reported about the warnings related to match fixing while betting and showed concerns about its increase. It has reported that the intensity has doubled up in the time period of 2017 to 2018 rising to 74 from 39. The Esports platforms have been showing an increase in the recent covid-19 outbreak. The reason being it could be operated amidst the lockdown also easily. 

The recent survey and investigation done by the ESIC brought about concerns about suspicious betting leading to an approximate increase of 50 percent. The availability of the markets involved in traditional sports are a lot lesser , the esports becoming safer and reliable is good to see as a betting prospect. The ESIC sees Midnite as a step ahead for attracting more Esports betting platforms. The reason being their aim and vision is to see Esports completely ethical merging with the regulatory body. ESIC looks forward to this covid-19 period specially to extend its project ahead.

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