Jessica Lal Murder case

Siddharth Vashishtha, who is known as Manu Sharma walked out to freedom from the Tihar jail: Jessica Lal Murder case.

The murder convict of the Jessica Lal murder case Siddhartha Vashishtha received freedom after consistent pleas. He is also known as Manu Sharma who had gained release after being approved by Anil Baijal, Delhi’s lieutenant governor.

About the release of Manu Sharma for the Jessica Lal Murder case:-

Manu Sharma who was sentenced for serving in jail for a time period till May 6, 2023, gained a premature release along with 19 prisoners after the recommendation of Anil Baijal, Delhi’s lieutenant governor. It was reported that he had made the plea for another 6th time as a procedure before the Delhi’s Sentence review board. 

Previously, Sahini his lawyer had also approached him with a plea for release but it was not accepted. There were several pleas made by him along with his wife who defended him for his good behavior while serving in jail. 

The reason behind the premature release of Manu Sharma for murder case of Jessica Lal:

Manu Sharma who had actually spent 16 years of serving in the Tihar jail has actually spent 23 years of remission. According to his lawyer and his inmates in jail he had shown good behavior and done much social work for prisoners. He had received positive comments and responses and was reported to have started a NGO in the jail. 

About the Sentence Review Board of Delhi on Jessica Lal murder case:-

Accompanied with the recommendation of Delhi High court there was a meeting held by Sentence Review Board on 11th May. It consisted of Delhi’s home minister, prison’s director-general, state law secretary, state home secretary and other officials. 

They had made the recommendation which was then accepted by Anil Baijal, Delhi’s lieutenant governor.

About the Jessica Lal murder case:-

Manu Sharma in December 2006, was been convicted for the murder of Jessica that had happened in 1999. The case which had arisen many protests was first acquitted from the trial court but then criticized by the Higher and Supreme Court and reversed. 

The reason behind the murder of Jessica Lal was reported that she had not offer liquor that was running an unlicensed bar. This had reported to happen in Tamarind Court restaurant where he had shot her on the forehead as per reports. Manu Sharma is reported to be son of Venod Sharma who is a Haryana politician. 

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